Gabby Barrett is getting her tour bus ready to hit the road, and there is no way she is leaving her daughter behind. 

After an exclusive sit-down with the American Idol alum, ET reported that Barrett was very excited to have her daughter, Baylah May, accompany her as she goes back to live performances. 

Gabby Barrett shares daughter Baylah with husband Cade Foehner.

Taking Her Daughter on Tour

Barrett confessed she was really excited that her daughter would be able to watch her and Foehner perform from the side of the stage. 

She also revealed that she expected little Baylah to become more aware of what the musical couple does, how and what they perform, and the general ins and outs of life on the road. 

Barret and her husband would also write songs about their daughter and perform those on stage. 

Baylah Is a Lullaby Baby

As the world slowly moves back into normalizing live shows, having her daughter with her on tour was an experience that Barett was really looking forward to.

[Baylah] is a very lullaby baby right now. So she loves music and falls asleep to a little music.

Besides that, the new mother also doted on her daughter and explained how having the little one in her life had changed her a lot

Being A Mother

Both Barrett and Foehner come from a "very large" Christian background, and they are, admittedly, steadfast in their beliefs. 

In the interview, she explained that the birth of their daughter had allowed them to experience something they refer to in the Christian faith as "dying to yourself."

The 'Jesus & My Mama' singer described how their baby girl had taught the couple to die to themselves and dedicate their lives to the well-being of another life. 

That experience made them more selfless and more able to help people in ways they couldn't have otherwise. 

Their Story Began at 'Idol'

The musical couple first met on the set of American Idol season 16, where both of them were competing against one another. After the season came to a close in 2018, Barrett promptly got to work in Nashville. 

All the while, the romance between the two was budding, and a year later, they exchanged vows.

Two years later, the beautiful couple welcomed their daughter, Baylah, into the world on January 18, 2021. 

Ever since then, Barrett has been gushing about their adorable daughter on her socials. 

The Doting Mother on Instagram

The 'I Hope' singer took to her Instagram on Mother's Day earlier this month to dedicate a post to the person who flipped her world completely upside down even though that little person was barely 4 months old.

In the post, she attempted to describe the amazing journey of her motherhood from the time she found out she was pregnant to watching her daughter grow and come to her own.

The accompanying pictures captured the more memorable moments in that journey. The first snap featured the toddler laying on her belly. The second snap featured the baby mama's baby bump, and the last of the three was the results of her pregnancy test.