The runner-up of last year's season of American Idol, Arthur Gunn, won the 'Comeback' competition. He is now in 2021's Top 10 and has another shot at winning. 

Arthur, 23, previously competed on season 18, while he came in second place behind the winner, Laine Hardy.

He is up against the top nine from the current group of finalists. The announcement of Gunn being the winner of the "Comeback Twist" was made in the live episode of May 2, Sunday, by host Ryan Seacrest.

"I was really shocked to hear the news. I'm so excited. It's a very good feeling to be back," says Gunn. 

This year's contestants competing for the top 10 spots were joined by 10 runners-up from 2020, but only one of them was given the opportunity to make a comeback, meaning another top ten competitors would have to go home. 

Obviously, the viewers didn't think that anyone from the previous season sang better than the 2021 finalists, causing them to be vexed at the producer's decision to bring an alum back. 

American Idol fans have criticized the season 18 runner-up for getting a second chance to compete on the show's current season, calling the whole ordeal "unfair."

The big announcement caused a stir on social media where a number of viewers lambasted both the alum and the show for having the contestant back.

Fans have argued that Gunn has had an entire year of gaining fans on them, especially in this age of social media where people are impressionable. He also came in second last season, which puts him at an advantage.

Further, they insist that it is completely unfair to the other extremely talented contestants who have worked so hard all season. They even went as far as to say that the show is biased and wants Arthur Gunn to win and how the show is "completely rigged".

As for Gunn, there has surely been a lot of progress and a lot of learning along the way. He admits to feeling more professional and motivated now than ever. He has learned a lot about himself and the music scene as well as how to work in this field.

This unforeseen twist has made this season interesting, even more so now that it is coming to an end. Gunn is simultaneously a favorite alum of the finalists and a current contestant.

When asked if he knew that he was named as a past favorite by Cassandra Coleman, he exclaimed, "No, I hadn't heard that yet. Wow! I just saw her in the hotel while I was coming in. That's awesome."