Maureen Bunyan, who has nearly 30 years of experience as a television news anchor, has been able to leave a remarkable imprint in the journalism sector throughout her career.

She is the first African American woman to anchor in a newscast in the late 1970s. The ups and downs she witnessed in her career made her a reliable name in the industry. People recognize her as a speaker and a facilitator of teleconferences. Perhaps, she is the only American journalist who has received a knighthood.

She has won numerous journalism awards and is a part of Silver Circle of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

She is the President of Maureen Bunyan Communications, Inc., the Cochair of the International Women’s Media Foundation, and the founder of the National Association of Black Journalists.  

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Maureen Bunyan Bio Includes Age

Television news anchor Maureen Bunyan was born in 1945 in Aruba. However, the exact date on which she celebrates her birthday is yet to be disclosed.

Together with family, Maureen migrated to the United States when she was eleven years old. As her father always focused on the importance of education in her life, she was very conscious of her studies. After completing an undergraduate degree, she, later on, received a B.A. degree in English and Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Later on, in 1970, she attended the Columbia University of Journalism and started working in broadcasting with Boston’s WGBH-TV.

Does Maureen Bunyan Have A Husband?

Although her professional career is like an open book, it is hard to tell anything about the personal life of Maureen.

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Throughout the years, not even a single rumor of Maureen being involved with any guy has been out. It seems as though she does not likes to talk about her partnership with the public. So, it is hard for us to tell if she is married or single.

Maureen Bunyan Retires From WUSA And Joins Back Again; Find Out Why

Maureen started her career at WUSA back in 1973 as a reporter. Soon, she became the lead anchor of the station along with her co-host Peterson in 1978 which increased the ratings of the station.

Back At Work: Maureen Bunyan doing what she does best at the set of ABC 7 News (Picture:

But in 1995, the rise of a rival station, WRC caused a huge downfall on the ratings of the WUSA which caused a massive dispute between the station and Maureen over her salary. As the station did not agree to pay her a certain amount, she resigned from the station.

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For four years Maureen did not look back at the WUSA, but in 1999, after having a meeting with the station, she again decided to rejoin the station with Peterson, and since then she has not looked back.