Canadian news anchor Marcia MacMillan is so in love with her journalism profession that she has no interest to look for the one to romance with or get married with. Even if the one is already there, she has no willings to spill whatsoever.  

The Canadian news anchor is highly praised for her extensive news coverage in The CTV News Channel. She exhibited her on point interviewing skills when she sat down with reputed personalities including former U.S. Vice-President, Al Gore, and pop superstar, Taylor Swift.

Career Height: Marcia MacMillan in an interview with Taylor Swift in 2014 (Photo: Vimeopro)

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Moreover, she is awarded an RTNDA Award for reporting the 2009 Buffalo plane crash and has some memorable TV moments in CTV.

Marcia MacMillan’s Wish At Age 10 Has Come True

The Canadian native was born on 24 March 1970 in Ancaster, Ontario. Like any other family person, she is concerned for the well being of her family.

The now 48 years old veteran journalist was just a 10 years old kid when she saw a woman newscaster on TV and wished on a whim to become one herself in the future. That wish was not merely a childhood gig but an escalated career mission.

She thrived on her aim to becoming a journalist and earned a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Western Ontario and a graduate degree in journalism from Ryerson University's Graduate School of Journalism.

And now that she stands at an impressive height in the career, it feels like she was born to be a journalist.

Marcia is natural at what she does. She might not be the tallest at the height of 5ft. 6 inches, but her accolades show otherwise for her age.

Marcia MacMillan Dumped Honda Civic: Salary On Stack Huh!

As a dedicated professional on the news forte, who willingly sticks to radio for an entire week, it is completely fair that Marcia makes out a salary of over $50,000 from CTV News.

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With such an impressive salary in the fist, she has all the rights to opt for a luxury be in the house she lives or a car she drives. And as it turned out, she finally decided to graduate from Honda Civic to BMW in May 2018.

Car Show: Marcia MacMillan bought BMW in May 2018, replacing with her Honda Civic (Photo: theglobeandmail)

Her career in CTV is undoubtedly brimming since 2005. But she too had her struggle phase as an aspirant when she was working as a reporter and anchor for MCTV in Sudbury, Ontario In 1998.

She even worked as a health reporter and anchor for Toronto 1 in 2004 and CHCH TV in 2003.

MacMillan has groomed herself in the field in the career, and with the dedication she owns, she is bound to make it long, and by the time she retires, she will have a multi-figured value to count on.

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Is Marcia MacMillan Married At Age 48?

For someone who is consumed to maintain a high profile professional part, there is seldom time to brag the personal part. Since Marcia has maintained the similar trait, it is not revealed whether she is married or is in a relationship with prospective husband.

Years have passed from the last time she mentioned about having a boyfriend in an interview in 2011, suggesting that she had a boyfriend with whom she celebrated her success. But no further update has been obtained on that matter.

With her private nature being justified, we have a benefit of speculation on her marital status. So, unless she opens, it’s up to us to guess whether she is married to a husband or single till day.