The Manhattan native Kay Adams is an American sports journalist and television personality. She is famous for her association with the NFL as the host of the Network's Good Morning Football.

Here we provide you some info about the "Guru" of American Football. 

Career Hinders Dating Life

Kay Adams keeps her dating life secret, but that isn't so easy for the media personality. People often question her if she has a boyfriend or if she is getting married.

In one of her appearances as a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson back in 2012, the football guru talked about her personal life regarding her dating status.

She said that she could not tend to any relationship or find a partner, so to say, because of her career. The sportscaster explained that most men were intimidated by her personality, as she owned vast knowledge and experience when it came to sports.

It’s not easy, it’s not the easiest thing. But I deal with it…I think it takes a very special person to, you know, support someone who knows more than they do.

In the end, she was hopeful of finding "someone who is supportive of that [her career]," clarifying that she wanted a balanced personal and professional life.

Rumors of Dating Danny Amendola

While Adams keeps her personal life private, netizens have linked her with few men. 

She was rumored to be dating New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola. While neither Adams nor Danny openly acknowledged the rumor, various wiki sites reported they were together during the latter part of 2015 and early 2016 and separated in 2016.

We don't really know what happened to her love life after that. There are speculations as wide as claiming that she is married and has a husband, but there is no genuine evidence.

Adam Loves Her Family And Polish Roots

Adams shares a powerful bond with both her mom and dad, whose self-sacrifices she credits to have given her the life she has got.

The host doesn't let go of the moments where she can thank her parents for their contribution to her success. She credits her parents for providing a loving and stable household while growing up.


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She also has a loving relationship with her brother and sister. In between her hectic work schedule, she finds time to spend with her siblings and cherish the milestones either of them achieves.

Be it her brother's marriage or her sister's marriage and subsequent pregnancy, the host was there, right by their side, to congratulate them and support them.

Her Age Remains a Mystery

Adams celebrates her birthday on the 6th of April every year. That being said, the NFL sportscaster has not disclosed her birth year till now. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and presently lives in New York City.

The Good Morning Football host stands at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Career, Salary & Net Worth 

Football enthusiast from an early age, Adams started her career with St. Louis Cardinals as their in-game host for home games.

Religiously working as an American football journalist, she rose through the ranks and became one of the prominent NFL journalism faces.

Currently, she hosts Good Morning Football on NFL Network.

Her daunting knowledge of football makes her an ideal expert on Fantasy Football. She has properly used that quality of hers as a host of Fantasy Football Live on NBC Network.

As a fine expert on Football, Adams probably earns a decent salary. But the amount and her net worth figures have not been disclosed yet.