Australian journalist Julia Baird published a memoir 'Phosphorescence' on March 23, 2021. Inspiring her readers that anyone can find strength after the despair, she documented analogies of her suffering, including her cancer battle and also a major heartbreak.

While her cancer battle was comprehensible, what left fans to wonder was the reason behind her major heartbreak. 

Major Heartbreak Related With Husband?

A wordsmith to be reckoned, Baird wrote her book — full title: 'Phosphorescence: On Awe, Wonder and Things That Sustain You When the World Goes Dark' — to share how she survived major setbacks of her life, albeit being on the brink of losing all hope. 

One of the setbacks she talked about is her major heartbreak. The tragedy, which occurred several years ago, had altered her life for a moment. She had lost her appetite and her sleep. And when she did not know how to cope with the situation, she called her counselor in tears, asking for his advice.

Only after his advice, she understood things like her knowledge, her family, her friends mattered more than the situation, and she could use this knowledge to overcome the pain. 

While Baird recounted her once-befallen heartbreak, it is not sure what caused the tragedy. There is a slight possibility that the incident may be related to her love life as she never mentions her husband (if she has ever married) or her partner with whom she has two kids.

The mention of the father of her kids is absent from her interviews and social media posts, where she sheds light on her motherhood and children. So, the rift could be related to her boyfriend or husband, but there's also a chance that she just prefers to keep her relationship away from the media.

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Spends Quality Time With Kids

The 'Phosphorescence' author is a mother of two children. Her first child is a daughter named Poppy, born on August 21, 2006. Her second kid is a son named Sam, born on March 19, 2009.

Despite a busy work schedule, she spends quality time with her children, taking them to hike, swim and visit various places. In the 2020 summer, the 54-year-old took her kids to Milk Beach, Sydney, along with her close friend, Darren Saunders.

She also hiked the Manly Dam Reserve with her son in April 2021. 

Survived A Rare Cancer

Baird has battled with cancer twice. Her first brush with the disease occurred in 2015.

The drum host announced the news through a column: Was It Cancer? Getting The Diagnosis for the New York Times. She mentioned she was diagnosed with a rare advanced abdominal cancer that had bloated her stomach. 

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Thankfully, she got rid of cancer through a successful surgery targeted to remove the roots of the illness. However, two years later, the cancerous cells reemerged and left the Sydney-native admitted to the hospital. 

She had to go through brutal rounds of surgery along with chemotherapy before being cancer-free. She documented her battle in her memoir 'Phosphorescence' and gave insights on what and how she overcame the pain.