Australian news personality Julia Baird triumphantly returned home in 2015 after a successful surgery, removing the roots of her cancer. Unfortunately, two years later, the deadly illness reemerged and left her admitted to the hospital again. However, the resilient mother learned to live with courage; exhibiting that the will to live is stronger than the force which tries to end it.

The Sydney-native is an Australian political journalist, television commentator, and writer. She came to prominence as a column writer for the Sydney Morning Herald and the International New York Times. She currently hosts ABC TV’s The Drum, a current affairs television show.

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Baird’s biography of Queen Victoria was published in 2016. The book was made available on Autumn in the US through Random House Publication based on New York, whereas by Harper Collins in Australia, and by Little Brown in the UK.

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Know Julia Baird Salary At ABC

One of her many famous stints from her prosperous career includes covering the 2012 US Presidential Campaign in Iowa for following news outlets: The Monthly, The ABC, and The Sun-Herald.

Nevertheless, her elaborate writing style-both informative and elegant- has helped her frequently feature in a range of popular publications; The New York Times, The Guardian, Newsweek, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and more.

She began her career at the Sydney Morning Herald in 1998. She worked there as a columnist, op-ed editor, education reporter, and election editor. On 16 March 2018, she was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by the University of Divinity.

No wonder, for her chequered career in journalism, she must earn a decent salary (undisclosed but speculated to be between $200,00 to $500,00) at ABC

Julia Baird's Short Bio (Age): Birthday, Height

Baird's was born in 1967, in Sydney, as the middle child of politician Bruce Baird and his wife Judith (née Woodlands). Graduating from Sydney University, she was awarded the degree of B.A. and Ph.D. in history.

Her family lived in Rye, New York, in the 1970s while her father was the Australian trade commissioner. They returned to Australia in 1980.

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One of her siblings and older brother, Michael,  is former Premier (44th) of New South Wales

Julia Baird Triumphs Fatal Health Illness in 2015

In 2015, Baird wrote in a New York Times column that she had been diagnosed with a life-threatening health illness: Cancer.

With the sensation that the doors of death were close by, she began to write as she dwelled in the deep pond of oblivious future ahead, she wrote,

The “brave” warrior talk that so often surrounds cancer rang false to me. I didn’t want war, tumult or battle. Instead, I just prayed to God. And I think what I found is much like what Greek philosophers called ataraxia, a suspended kind of calm in which you can find a surprising strength.

Silently battling with the possibility of death, she went into the hospital for a surgery to remove the tumor from her body.

When she woke up after the eternal-alike moments of terror and despair, seeing her husband along with her family stood by her side overwhelmed her as much as the news of her successful surgery. She spent five hours and eight days in intensive care after the operation to remove the malignant tumor.

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Her prognosis was good, however, like others, she carried on living with a gloomy fear that her illness might return.

A year later, healthy & cancer-free Julie wrote an article reminiscing about her past victory against her illness: Our fear of death is twinned with a thirst for life.

The thirst to live and endure is understandable. But an understanding of our own mortality can often make living sharper.

Leaving behind her terror about cancer, the agony of might be and not; she instead focused on leading a life well lived than one that was wasted in apprehension.

Julia Baird's Cancer Battle Takes Tragic Twist In 2017

A new year marks a new chapter, or so they say. 

Many celebrate the eve before in hopes and wishes of a pleasant future ahead. Unfortunately, for the Baird family, 2017 started off with the worst twists.

Julia’s brother, who was the NSW Premier at that time, shockingly resigned from the post. On 19 January 2017, he opened up about the health crisis his family had been facing in a press conference while trying to hold back his tears.

His sister Julia, along with both of his parents were suffering from disastrous health illnesses. His father, Bruce had suffered a heart attack, and fortuitously his open-heart surgery had been successful. His mother, Judy, had muscular dystrophy. Meanwhile, the cancer battle Julia had put behind had returned to haunt her.

Being a loving brother and a son, Michael decided to take care of his family. After having visited his sister in the hospital a week before the conference, he told,

“You know, personal things obviously impact you and the nature of this job makes it tough to be able to support as much as you want.”

Though some new years begin with fraught, you have to keep in mind that the year has just begun--because that's the kind of the year 2017 later went on for the Baird family!

This Is Why Julia Baird Is No More Worried About Cancer

Despite the news of her resurfaced cancer in 2017, Baird is focusing on preaching positivity that her family and her life has to offer.

From going to hikes with his children, spending quality time with his parents, secret romances with his husband to writing articles about her life, Baird is flourishing, and people wouldn't believe that she has cancer.

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Here's an excerpt from her article, entitled, What I really want to teach my son - and what he is teaching me, revealing what kind of future she wants for her son, 

What I really want my son to know is that life, with all its striving and seriousness, its cerebral quests and spiritual yearning, is contained in crisp red apples and white-marble moons, furry caterpillars and leopard-spotted slugs, the slobbering of excitable dogs, laughter, the crashing of waves, the sighting of a seal over a cliff or a cuttlefish on a reef, the scent of jasmine after a morning swim, a steaming bowl of fresh pasta, the smell of a just-baked cake; that of all these jostling, bobbing moments sustain us. They are the string that threads our days.

But if I am completely honest, this is actually what he is teaching me.

From lying on the hospital bed 'contemplating the prospect of death' as she once wrote-- to now, where the author is planning and dreaming of a happy future for her children, she is indeed a role model to all of us! 

Motherhood: On 4 April 2018, Julia Baird takes her adorable little armies on hiking trip (Photo: Julia Baird's Instagram) 

As of now, Julia despite fighting her battle against cancer, however, is more focused on seeing her children grow up the right way, and bringing them positively in the face of a disaster. 

Julie Baird is happily married to her supportive husband, who at the moment remains unrevealed, alongside their two children. The family of four including her husband and their two little kids live near the sea, where she gets to enjoy her hobby of swimming.

Julia, age 51, has reached an honorable career height despite suffering from a fatal illness of cancer.

Hopefully, she’ll win her war against cancer for good!