An early tragedy in Bertha Coombs's childhood; she lost her father, and her mother lost her husband which brought a lot of pain in their lives. But, in the mean-time has it become the reason that she finds no space for marriage?

The Havana-native rose to prominence as being a highly advocated reporter for CNBC. Moreover, she is known for her fair news that she keeps providing since 2002. 

Woman Leaders: Bertha Coomb discusses with Diana Neel about advancing woman leaders in Firechat (Published on 18 October 2018)

Her highlighted work is covering stories from the implementation of the Adorable Care Act and the failed launch of Obama care health insurance exchanges.

Bertha Coombs Bio Reveals Tragedy In Her Family

Bertha Coombs was born on 28 December 1961 in Havana, Cuba. She belongs to mixed ethnicity. 

Her zodiac sign is Capricorn, and she went to The Park School and Yale University as for her academics. 

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Bertha was one of those kids who grew up in a single parenthood. Her father died due to cancer about 28 years ago, and her mother, who suffered an early heartache, has been the only one supporting her.

Living an unforthcoming life, she's never revealed more about her family than pictures of them.

Family Bound: Bertha Poses with her mom and her sibling (Down) and her father (Up) in 2018 (Photo: Bertha Coombs' Instagram) 

Bertha, despite the early tragedy, undoubtedly had all the support from her mother on her journey to become one of the best reporters.

At Age 56, Bertha Combs Boasts Hefty Salary!

A blissful career in reporting that has reached unreachable height definitely helps her a handsome salary. 

Given a massive experience in the CNBC, there is no doubt that Bertha earns more than a considerable salary in between $600K to $680K which is what a general assignment reporter and anchor earn in an average.

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Bertha Coombs has earned a lot of fame and status as a popular figure in the world of news reporting, but her personal life remains behind the curtains.

Is Bertha Married & Has Husband?

Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?

Well, Bertha is a similar example who doesn't want to indulge herself in the institution of marriage. At her early childhood, she had to incur the toughest of lives as she lost her father. Growing up, looking at her mother's struggle without a husband seems to have diverted Bertha's percepts towards marriage.

However, she is also not the one who doesn't want to make any relationship. 

Well, as a matter of fact, it is the visuals that have always influenced people's mind. Bertha, a similar example, seemed to have been influenced witnessing how the royal wedding actually went.

After a while, in her twitter, she hinted that she might be planning her marriage soon and she wanted someone like Wilfried Frost to do the commentary in her marriage. 

Twitter Bound: Bertha expresses her desire on who she wants as a commentator in her marriage (Photo: Bertha Coombs Twitter |19 May 2018) 

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However, Bertha, age 56, is not married as of now.

A private life always pokes the excitements out of people and looking at Bertha's Life is a similar reason why!