Michael Cimino is a 21-year-old actor who made his acting debut in a 2015 short movie titled Limitless Potential. He has since worked on several projects like the critically acclaimed horror movie Annabelle Comes Home and Training Day.

Cimino tested himself as an actor when he took the role of Victor Salazar in Hulu’s Love, Simon spin-off series Love, Victor. The show follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School, on his journey of self-discovery while facing challenges at home and struggling with his orientation

Michael Cimino In ‘Love, Victor’

Cimino’s role as the half Puerto Rican, half Colombian-American gay teen received many praises from viewers. This is his first leading role on the big screen. However, many people had advised him not to take on such a role for his first big gig. 

However, against all odds, the young actor took the role and completely owned it. Cimino discussed his opinions about his role as Victor to Indie Wire. He revealed he took part to break the norm and stereotype against such judgment. 

Cimino is not affected by what others might say and explained that anyone could change the industry against such prejudice by doing precisely what others direct against. Furthermore, playing one character should not define your whole filmography.

Cimino further exclaimed he is a big supporter of the LGBTQ community and feels this project was a critical story that needed to be conveyed. He also feels very grateful that he got the opportunity to provide a voice for all the people out who feel unheard.

Cimino had consulted his cousin to depict exactly what it is like to struggle with one's orientation. His cousin shared stories of his real-life experience. The actor explained those moments had been noteworthy for both of them. 

The young star wanted his character to be authentic so that everyone could relate, regardless of their orientation or ethnicity. He opened up that the added elements of himself and his cousin to the character helped portray Victor.  

Is Michael Cimino Gay?

No, Cimino is not gay. The actor identifies as a straight male, however, he does not want to fixate on it. 

During his conversation with NBC News, Cimino gave his insights on gender orientation. He believes gender lies on a spectrum and is not fluid as such. Similarly, he thinks anyone is neither entirely straight nor entirely on the spectrum they lie at the moment. 

In his opinion, finding out where one lies on the spectrum is essential; however, talking about his orientation, he indicated it might change in the future. 

Right now, he doesn't want to put himself in such a position that it would seem like he was defending an identity. He clarified he might come out in the future, but that doesn’t mean he was hiding or defending his ‘true identity’ by pretending to be straight. 

Thus, even though the actor’s orientation is straight at the moment, the future is uncertain.

Victim Of Homophobia And Racism 

Playing such a character as Victor, Cimino has been the victim of homophobia and racism. Cimino was suggested not to play a gay character since people would think he was gay in real life. 

Similarly, the actor revealed to Indie Wire that it’s hard for people to come out in the Latinx community. He claimed that the community is generally liberal, but they shut it down when it comes to gender orientations. 

Being of Italian-German and Puerto Rican descent, Cimino has always been a victim of racism. He used to be bullied in school from a young age, and now after his big break, it has still not stopped. 

After taking the role, the actor had received many homophobic messages from people he knew as well as he didn’t. But that didn't let it phase him, and he responded to that negativity by trying to educate them. And in many cases, he just ignored it.   

Cimino believes that more of these kinds of shows are needed in the world. He hopes this show will be a conversation starter for many people.