A jolly personality, actress-comedian Lea DeLaria, actively flaunts her sexuality as a butch, often in a comedic setting. However, when it comes to actual relationships, DeLaria is hardly ever seen discussing any details.

This, however, is not due to a lack of an interesting love life—the Orange Is The New Black actress was actually engaged until a few years ago. Here we will discuss her ex-fiancée and the aftermath of the duo’s breakup.

When was Lea DeLaria Engaged? Who was Her Fiancee?

DeLaria was in a relationship with creative director Chelsea Fairness since 2013. According to the comedian, a friend named Leanne introduced them to each other before they eventually fell in love. In February 2015, DeLaria announced their engagement via Twitter. She told E!news that she was the one who proposed to Fairness after the night of the SAG awards.

I proposed to her…  I was so filled with love. I turned to her at the Netflix party that night and asked her to marry me.

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They Broke Up Before the Wedding ever Happened

After staying engaged for over two years, Fairness and DeLaria’s love story was cut short before getting married. The couple broke up in January 2017—DeLaria announced it through an Instagram post.

She reposted the same picture she had posted during their engagement and asked to be spared from the “tragic and basic celebrity breakup narrative.' However, she didn't disclose why they decided to separate; but it seems that they ended on pretty good terms. At least according to her Instagram post, their “split (was) amicable”.

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Fairness Started Dating Someone else Right After The Breakup

As early as April of 2017, DeLaria’s ex-fiancée posted a picture of her kissing Los Angeles based Australian stylist Tatiana Waterford in one of her Instagram highlights. Several other pictures of Waterford followed suit in Fairness’ feed. It seems like they began dating about three months after Fairness and DeLaria broke off their engagement.


Christening my new account w/ this megababe 🥀

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Fairness and Waterford Were Quick to Tie The Knot

In October of the next year, Fairness And Waterford’s marriage was officially confirmed through an Instagram post.

Fairness posted what seems like a wedding photo of her kissing Waterford with the caption “…Thank you for marrying me @tatianawaterford."

When did They Marry? 

Their wedding's exact date remains unknown, but we can be certain that the couple were already married by October 2018. There are several pictures of her wife on Fairness’s Instagram of that time.

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DeLaria’s Dating Life Said no to Commitment after Breakup

While her ex-fiancee has obviously moved on, there is no way to ascertain that the case is similar to DeLaria. However, she did mention that she was “dating a lot of girls” after split from Fairness. She also told US magazine in 2017 that she was busy in her professional life and implied that she wouldn't get married in near future.

I’m dating a lot of girls right now. I’m very single and not interested in being tied down at the moment.