Baroness von Sketch Show star isn’t your typical flashy, media-dominant personality, which is why many fans wonder what she is like behind the constant jokes and quirky one-liners. 

In this article, we will explore more about her net worth, lifestyle, and preferences.

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DeLaria has Had A Very Successful Career

Lea DeLaria is a popular favorite actress, comedian, and musician. Her jolly personality and raw talent have attracted fans worldwide as she continues to be a well-respected celeb.

DeLaria, nicknamed as ‘Butch,’ is perhaps best known for her Orange Is The New Black role as Big Boo, but that’s not all there is to her acting and comedy career. She started with small stand-up comedies back in the 1980s and gradually moved on to bigger stages. 

In 1993, she hosted Comedy Central’s Out There, bringing her into mainstream media. Since then, she has been cast for several TV series and movies, including Baroness von Sketch ShowLaw and OrderFriends, and, most recently, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

The ‘Butch’ is Also an Amazing Jazz Singer

DeLaria’s success in the comedy and the acting industry seems to overshadow her lesser-known image as a jazz singer. Even so, her musical career is by no means unsuccessful. She has released multiple albums and done shows all around the US and the world. Some of her albums include Double StandardsPlay it cool, and Be a Santa—you can buy them on Amazon.

DeLaria has also said that her musical background helped quite a lot to score extra points during early stand-ups. 

…I incorporated jazz into my standup…and it worked like a charm.

Lea DeLaria is a Millionaire

DeLaria’s career success has certainly paid off well. She has a fortune of over a million dollars; estimates it at $1.5 million.

Her price tag for doing events might be in line with her net worth too. If you want to call her for a performance, you will have to pay at least $15,000 -25,000 inside the United States alone. That number is significantly high even by celebrity standards.

But Lea DeLaria Doesn’t lead a Flashy Life

Considering all the money she has, DeLaria’s lifestyle is surprisingly moderate. She lives in a working-class neighborhood around Bushwick, Brooklyn, and leads a simple life. She seems to like places with good music, nothing over the top, just local restaurants.

In an interview with Bushwickdaily, when asked about where hangs out when she is outside, DeLaria had rather simple places in her mind. 

"...Either under elevated track of the M/J line or the outdoor patio at Mominette," she said.

All in all, her lifestyle does not reflect the net worth of the actress; she pretty much lives like an everyday person.

Still, DeLaria is Quite Fond of Automobiles

There is a quirk to Lea DeLaria’s simple life, though; she seems to be an automobile enthusiast. Her Instagram showcases several pictures of her trips to garages and test drives. She also has pictures of cars and bikes with captions that seem like she knows her stuff about the automobile industry. 


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