Makeup sensation Antonio Garza's sexuality is one of the most heavily discussed topics on her social media handles. There have been several threads going around on the internet about her sexual identity.

On the contrary, loyal Garza fans can be seen relentlessly defending the star on her choice of keeping her sexuality a secret.

The YouTuber, however, hasn't spoken on this matter. Regardless of her gender, she has created an identity for herself and is taking the glam world by storm.

Is Antonio Garza Trans?

Many sources claim that Garza identifies herself as a transgender woman. It is said that the YouTube star was born a boy who later transitioned to a girl.

While the famous fashionista hasn't confirmed this fact, her name frequently comes up when discussing renowned LGBTQ personalities. 

On that note, the inspirational 18-year-old was also one among many names mentioned in Vogue's list of influential Queer makeup artists "disrupting the beauty industry from the comfort of their bedroom."

And disrupting the beauty industry, she was. Her dominance on YouTube was certified when she bagged a Shorty Award in the beauty category from the 11th Annual Shorty Awards.

In the article, the reputed fashion magazine refers to Garza as a "trans beauty influencer," which suggests that she is, in fact, a trans woman. 

Antonio Garza Dropped Out Of School To Pursue Her Passion

Antonio Garza started her channel at the age of 16 with her Valentine's Heart Cut Crease Makeup Look. The young makeup artist dropped out of high school to pursue a career in YouTube.

At the time, being on YouTube while still committing a significant chunk of her time in school was taking a toll on both of her commitments.

Her grades were dropping because of her online presence and in direct correlation the time she spent in school meant she wasn't giving YouTube enough attention. So she made a call and chose what made her happy—Youtube. 

In her most recent video, Garza shared with her fans how being on YouTube felt therapeutic. In the video, the trans beauty influencer talked about having panic attacks and how YouTube helped her create her own safe space on the internet.

In a video titled, 'I dropped out of school, and here's why,' she explained:

I don’t wanna sacrifice YouTube, something that means so much to me, something that has changed my life in the biggest way of anything ever before. I would never wanna risk that for something that makes me genuinely unhappy, which is school. 

Insight Into Antonio Garza's Career

The YouTube star rose to fame with her video '9th grader makeup transition' which went live on April 28, 2018. Garza is famous among her fans for her makeup skills, editing, and humor.

The 18-year-old's collaboration video with the YouTube sensation James Charles is the second-highest viewed video on her channel, as of this writing.

However, Charles and Garza's friendship ended shortly after their collab video when Charles insulted her Coachella outfits. 

From starting as a teenager on YouTube, Antonio Garza has come a long way. The beauty influencer has also successfully created her own clothing line and even collaborated with Champion. The star makes most of her earnings from paid product placement in her Instagram and YouTube feeds.