Throughout her entire life, Amiyah Scott struggled with bullying and an identity crisis that needed either acceptance or change. She opted for change, but sadly her parents didn't embrace her decision, leaving her all alone as an independent transgender teenager looking for answers.

In 2015, Scott joined the cast of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta; unfortunately, her appearances didn't get aired. However, now she feels like she's at the top of the world—role as Cotton Brown in Lee Daniels' new series, Star (2016-2019)—with her parents' blessing to be who she is.

To know more in details about the transgender model and actress, here are some riveting wikis about her, ranging from her life before and transition, her dating life to her idols and her own pieces of advice. Also, find out whether she is married to a husband or not.

Amiyah Scott's Wiki-Like-Bio Featuring Age & Life Before Transgender Transition

Amiyah Scott was born as Arthur Scott on January 11, 1988, in Manhattan NYC. She grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.

At an early age, she discerned that she didn’t resonate with the gender she was conceived with. Growing up as a transgender girl, she didn’t have many role models.  She was all alone in her battle against her own identity.

Amayah Scott's Transition Was Not Accepted By Her Family Initially

At the young age of 15, Amiyah underwent a partial male to female transition. She had explained to her family that she no longer wanted to be identified as male. When she turned 17, she entirely made her transformation into a female, however, had to fight for her family’s acceptance.

Scott then decided to move out on her own and explored opportunities; striving as a transgender and independent teenager. Soon after moving out, her parents came to visit her; accepting and supporting her from there on out.

That moment not only reconciled her relationship with her family, but it proved as one of the most decisive moments in her life.

Amiyah Scott Faked Relationship With Kellon Deryck

Amiyah has been rumored to be dating many rappers. Amongst them, in early 2015, while she was filming for RHOA, she brought her hairstylist Kellon Deryck to pose as her boyfriend. But it was later reported that they had faked a relationship.

They even had an amicable split in August 2015 despite herself calling it a fake relationship.

Currently, Kellon Deryck, proudly gay, is engaged to his partner.

Amayah Scott Is Private About Husband & Marriage Topics

As of December 2020, Amayah Scott has not disclosed anything related to her current relationship status, marriage, or husband. However, she can be seen posting pictures with Joshua D. Johnson lately and this has made Scott's followers curious to know if they are actually dating.

But Scott has not opened up regarding the concern, although she has posted multiple pictures with Johnson. That being said, in near future, she would surely be flaunting her relationship or married life publically.