Nigerian-American actress, Yvonne Orji who gained recognition from acclaimed TV series Insecure, revealed her dating status out of nowhere. The self-professed virgin till the age of 30's shocking revelation left her fans in awe of the photogenic couple. 

Yvonne Orji is best known for her role in the HBO series Insecure as Molly and Jane the Virgin as Stacy. She is also a well known stand-up comedian, known for her hilarious takes on various aspects of a commoner's life. 

Here are some enthralling wikis on Yvonne’s age, height, parents, education, net worth and her love-life.

1. Yvonne Orji’s Bio: Age, Height & Education 

Born on 2 December 1983, Yvonne was raised in Maryland, US. She graduated from George Washington University with a master’s degree in public health.

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Her Nigerian parents had expectations of her daughter becoming a doctor, pharmacist or even a lawyer. The actress aged 34, however, shed water on her parents' hope as she became attracted towards comedy from a young age and aspired to become one in the future.

Standing at the height of 5’7, Yvonne piqued interest in doing comedy when she performed stand-up in a beauty pageant as a graduate student. She moved to New York City in 2009 after graduation to pursue her career in comedy.

2. Yvonne's Struggle With Parents To Pursue Comedy Career 

Growing up in Nigeria with conservative parents, Yvonne had to deal with a lot of obstacles to build herself a career out of comedy.

According to wikis, her family only moved into states when her mother got a job at Howard University.

Being an immigrant, she was often bullied, not just by white kids but also by black kids for having a Nigerian accent. 

When her parents didn't back her up in her suffering from bullies, Yvonne started to steer her whole goal to become the best student.

She had a straight grade of A's till she went to George Washington University where for the first time in her life she got an F in chemistry.

Yvonne's parents pushed her to become a doctor and was on her way to fulfill their dreams. But her career took a sudden U-turn when she got the opportunity to take part in a pageant and performed a stand-up comedy at the event for the first time.

That was when she discovered her interest in comedy. And despite the reluctance of her parents and family, Yvonne pursued her interests made it big as a stand-up comedian, which eventually led her to the lead role of Insecure.

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3. Yvonne Orji’s Net Worth

The Insecure star has earned a lot through her acting career. Looking at the series’ successful airing, Yvonne must have garnered millions of dollars.

As the actress is only just carving out a spot in the entertainment industry, she may still be a long way to revealing her actual net worth.

Yvonne’s net worth is still under the veil, and there is no sure estimation of her salary and earnings. But, there is no doubt that she has earned more than a commoner and even what people in her parents' chosen profession make.

4. Yvonne Introduces Her Boyfriend Emmanuel Acho Out Of The Blue 

It was May 2018 when the up and coming actresses had a change in her bio from single to dating after revealing her boyfriend's identity.

Yvonne had previously mentioned many times in many of her interviews about how she was a 30-year-old virgin without a dating history.

However, she seems to have now found her destined one after a long patient wait.

Yvonne revealed that she was dating Emmanuel Acho, with the news coming out of nowhere. Her boyfriend, Emmanuel Acho is a former American football linebacker for the National Football League and is working as an analyst for ESPN.

The Right One: Yvonne posts a picture introducing her boyfriend, Emmanuel on Instagram on 21 May 2018 (Photo: Yvonne Orji’s Instagram)

Yvonne was not the only one excited to announce her new romance as her boyfriend Emmanuel also couldn’t help but show off his partner on his Instagram the same day.

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The pair hasn’t revealed anything regarding their first meeting or when they even started dating. But there’s no argument on the fact that the two are palpably in love with each other. And who knows, the couple might just drop another bomb of them getting married sooner or later.