American television journalist Vladimir Duthiers was provided an early surprise gift by his long-time girlfriend who is involved in the same profession as him.

The New York native is a Peabody award-winning personality, who has been a correspondent for CBS News since 2014. He was an international correspondent for CNN, who won two Emmy Awards for his coverage of the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

Vladimir joins CBSN to try out the life hack for opting to wear the same work uniform every day (Published on 7 May 2018)

Vladimir even interviewed the first gay Nigerian to come out on TV. 

Vladimir Duthiers Earns Immense Salary From Contributing To CBS  

The talented correspondent was born on 21 December 1969 in New York. After completing primary education, he went to the University of Rhode Island and got graduated from first with journalism major before switching to political science in 1991. He also studied broadcast journalism from the Columbia University-Graduate School of Journalism in 2011. 

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He began his journalism career as an intern with Christiane Amanpour at CNN in 2009. He worked there for almost two and a half year as an international correspondent before joining CBS. He was also a part of the team who won two Emmy Awards for its coverage of the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

Vladimir also reported on a story of the trafficked children in Haiti as well as about the gay fellows. While reporting about the promulgation of the 'Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act' in Nigeria, told Amanpour that he could even face imprisonment just for interviewing a gay activist. 

After working for five years, he joined CBS News as a news correspondent in 2014. Since then, he has been featuring in the various shows in the network such as CBS This MorningCBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, and CBS News Sunday Morning.

Vladimir currently enjoys a prosperous life backed up by an impressive reward that he receives in the form of salary. With an average CBS News salary for correspondents being $102,548, plus annual bonuses and compensation, Vladimir enjoys an outstanding net worth, despite the fact that the exact figures remain confined.

Vladimir Looks Back At His Old-fashioned Reporting

In June 2018, Vladimir sat down with Reuters to talk about his winding career path for the network's series entitled, 'Life Lessons.' The first question asked the outlook of his parents when they first came to America from Haiti.

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And not surprisingly, Vladimir shared the words of his parents telling him to study hard and work hard, which would lead to the possibility of anything.

When asked what made him switch career paths as he didn't start out in journalism, Vladimir revealed that he was working for Lehman Brothers at first and he had a feeling of guilt that he wasn't fulfilling his want to be like Mike Wallace or Ted Koppel. 

The moment he stepped foot into the field of journalism, Vladimir saw the horror of the world, and he had to pull himself together to cover the events and ignorance wasn't a bliss. 

A lot of kids these days see journalism as just a way to get on TV. But every single day, someone somewhere is risking their life to do this job, because it's so important to democracy and civilization. So you may be in a situation where your life is at risk - and if you are not prepared for that, then this is not the profession for you. (-said by Vladimir on Reuters | 27 June 2018)

 You know now, that Vladimir didn't have the easy ticket to success in his flourishing career.

Vladimir Duthiers' Dating Life: Girlfriend Presents Early Birthday Surprise 

Diving towards his personal life, Vladimir is currently dating a girlfriend who shares the same profession obligation.

Surfing through his Instagram posts, it is not difficult to trace out his relationship with Marian Wang. Marian is a senior news producer of HBO network's Last Week Tonight at John Oliver. He keeps flaunting his love for his girlfriend on social networking sites with romantic photos of them.

It was the year 2013 when he first provided the glimpse of Marian through Instagram to his followers, and they both seemingly shared some good bond. 

Cozied Up: Vladimir enjoys happy hour with his girlfriend, Marian in June 2018. (Photo: Vladimir Duthiers's Instagram)

Back in November 2016, the couple went on a date night Manhattan Theater Club in November 2016. Similarly, Vladimir was provided an early birthday surprise gift as a helicopter trip to Hawaii by his girlfriend, Marian on December 2017. Later, in 2018's New Year's eve, Vladimir shared a post on Instagram stating that they are blessed to have each other. 

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With passing time, their union got even stronger, as they started expressing their love for one another more often.

The affection and care they keep sharing with each other confirm that they are in a romantic relationship for so long, and it keeps fans wondering when Vladimir is officially going to get married to his beautiful girlfriend and make her his wife for rest of his life.