Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp is one of Twitch’s biggest streamers. One of League Of Legends’ most prominent personalities, gaming has bought him a lot of fame and recognition. To top it all off, it also helped him get together with his girlfriend, Macaiyla.

The couple celebrated their fourth anniversary in November 2020 amidst support from many. But a large portion of his fanbase still doesn't approve of the two, and there was even a time when Macaiyla had received a lot of hate from them.

Macaiyla Vents About Hateful Fans

After Tyler began dating Macaiyla, she caught the streaming bug too. It wasn’t long before some of his fans began following her as well. But while it gave her a decent viewership as many came to interact and ask about the League Of Legends streamer, it also brought along problems. 

Tyler had initially risen to fame because of his toxic behavior during gaming/streaming, and a good portion of his viewers and fanbase derived entertainment from watching him or trolling. Many of Tyler’s followers didn’t like him dating Macaiyla and created some difficulties for her. One such event was when her second Twitter account got mass reported and was banned.

 She made a thread on Tyler’s subreddit about the mass reporting and vented about the hateful comments she received.

Mass reportings. Haven’t said anything bad in weeks. I reply to hate and don’t always have the nicest responses, but none of my tweets have been edgy lately. In general I’m not even mean to anyone except when I reply to the edgy hate tweets I get. But apparently that makes me a bitch lol. It’s legitimately Reddit reporting me and other people who just don’t like me. Go figure. I give up and I’m not going to make another account at this point. Like I said about 2 weeks ago, I’m trying to be done with Reddit and most things involving Tyler. I still read Reddit here and there but honestly, I want nothing to do with Tyler’s fans anymore. 

Macaiyla then continued expressing her desire to be done with Tyler's fan, for all her efforts had been repaid with nothing. She also said that she wouldn't be answering questions about him anymore and was trying to move on from her boyfriend's fan community.  

Did Tyler Propose to Macaiyla?

Tyler and Macaiyla spent some time at Turtle Bay in Oahu to get away from streaming all the time. When her viewers asked her what they did in Hawaii, she answered, saying Tyler proposed. “Oh yeah, Tyler proposed, we’re married. Me and T! After three years of being together, we’re married.”

However, it’s hard to tell if she was telling the truth. One of the long-running jokes in Tyler’s twitch stream has been Macaiyla saying she was pregnant to piss him off. She had also baited her viewers once by joking that she cheated on Tyler with her brother.

I don’t know how to tell you guys this but I’ve been unfaithful. With another streamer and I didn’t wanna come out and say it like this but I had sex with Tyler’s brother. I’m so sorry. I just wanted a taller man.