Towanda Braxton, star of the popular reality TV show Braxton Family Values and one of the performers of the music group The Braxtons, is happy with her partner Sean Hall. But, her journey to being happy came after moving on from a difficult relationship with her ex-husband Andre Carter.

Back then,  the Severn, Maryland native chose to stay with her deadbeat ex-husband for a significant amount of time despite being in an unhealthy marriage. But why did she do that? What were her motivations behind doing something which can be perceived as an irrational action on her part?

Towanda Braxton says She Stayed with Andre Carter For Her Children

Towanda Braxton and Andre Carter first met at a club in Atlanta and were friends for a couple of years before dating.

Braxton initially thought that they were just going to date, and not get married. However, she couldn't say no when Carter asked her to go to the courthouse to get married. Therefore, the former couple tied the knot in January of 2004.

Their first kid, son Braxton Montelus Carter, was born just around a year after their marriage on 11 November 2005. And a year from that, on 27 December 2006, their daughter Brooke Carter came into the earth.

Over the years of their marriage, their relationship started to deteriorate. Carter, who was once a hands-on father, allegedly  started to slack off. Braxton complained that he was getting lazy and was unemployed, leaving her to be the one to provide for the family.

She claimed that he spent his time writing books at home while she worked. She also alleged that he refused to find a job and enjoyed living off of her income.

The issues went on for a long time. So much so, when the Braxton Family Values premiered on television in 2011, the couple lived together in the same house but slept in different bedrooms. At the time, Braxton admitted through the show that she was staying only for her children’s sake, effectively making her marriage a “marriage of convenience.”

Divorce Came Flying after Carter’s Attempts at Getting her Back Failed

Braxton claims that stayed with Carter for a few more years just for her children. As the show went on, it documented Carter’s attempts to win Braxton back. This went on for a few seasons,, and things even appeared to have changed for the better as the former couple reconciled.

But it wasn’t to last. Carter apparently did not improve upon his shortcomings, and this caused Braxton to end the relationship for good. Therefore, they separated again in 2014, and in 2016, she filed for a divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Carter then responded to the divorce petition by fighting for the full custody of their two children. He also said that Braxton was an absentee mother. In addition, he asked for her home and two vacation properties, child support, and alimony during the divorce settlement. The show documented all of this, as well as his therapy session, where he said he wanted a peaceful split.

But, their divorce case stretched over a significant period. Finally, in April of 2017, US Magazine reported that the former couple had reached a settlement and finalized their divorce, ending their 12-year marriage.

In the settlement, Braxton and Carter agreed to share joint physical and legal custody of their kids, neither of them agreed to pay child support, and both of them yielded their right to alimony support.

Further, Braxton kept her cars and agreed to transfer the car's rights, that Carter drove, to his name. They both kept their individual checking, savings, and retirement accounts, and agreed to not abuse alcohol or illegal drugs in front of their children.

Is Towanda Braxton Married Now? Is She Dating?

No. Braxton is not married right now. Rather, she is currently dating musician and producer Sean Hall.