The Flash movie was initially scheduled to be released way back in 2016 as the sixth installment of the DC Extended Universe.

Ezra Miller, who appeared as Flash in a brief cameo in Batman V Superman (2015), was cast to play the titular hero for the standalone film.

Despite the early planning, the movie was stuck in development hell. The movie was left in the limbo after the failure of Batman V Superman and its subsequent sequel Justice League (2017)

But now the movie is finally moving forward under Andy Muschietti directorship. The Argentinian director recently directed It: Chapter Two (2019) and its 2017 prequel It.

‘The Flash’ Director Reportedly Reveals Plot

A Twitter account named Orden 67—that presents itself as an official handle of the Argentinan radio program Orden 67 at Metro 95.1—shared what director Muschietti said about the upcoming The Flash movie in an interview with the program. The Twitter Handle remains unverified as of now.

 According to the twitter handle, the director mentioned that the movie was about time travel, which involved an emotional plot about Flash’s mother. 

'It is a story of time travel. Flash travels back in time to try to save his mother. It is a spectacular action movie but it has a big heart, says Andy Muschietti about Flash...'

To those in the dark, the director’s reported statement about Flash going back in time to save his mother is a nod to an important storyline of the ‘Flashpoint’ comic book crossover arc released in 2011.

'Flash is a very special story. Yes, it is a superhero movie, but it has a heart and a soul, it has emotion, says Andy Muschietti about the superhero...'

The reported comments from the director directly hint that he is intending the film to follow the comic-book storyline. 


What Was ‘Flashpoint’?

In Geoff John’s 2011 ‘Flashpoint’ comic book crossover story arc, Flash travels back in time to stop Reverse-Flash from killing his mother.

Flash’s attempt to go back in time results in him traveling across different dimensions. And when he returns back, he finds that the world he has returned to is an alternate dimension occupied by different versions of people he knows. 

Michael Keaton To Appear As Batman

According to TheWrap in June 2020, Michael Keaton was in conversations to reprise his role as Batman in The Flash movie. He previously played Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 film of the same name and in its 1992 sequel Batman Returns

Keaton’s version of Batman introduced audiences to the first-ever live-action noir interpretation of the superhero plots. It also included Burton’s dark and gothic victorian-style Gotham city. 

Keaton’s role in the Flash movie is said to be of an older Bruce Wayne, who Flash comes across during his inter-dimensional travels. 

‘The Flash’ Might Set Up A Live-Action ‘Batman Beyond’

By the time The Flash movie comes out, Keaton will be in his early 70s. That means we will get to see older Bruce Wayne.

Previously, we got to see an older Bruce Wayne in the, hit animated show, Batman Beyond (1999 to 2001). The show was created by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett.

 The show also introduced people to newer Batman by the name of Terry McGinnis. 

And in the upcoming The Flash movie, we could expect to see a live-action version of the similar plot that we saw on Batman Beyond. The movie may also act as a catalyst for more projects to undertake similar plot stories in the future.

‘Batman Beyond’ Plot (1999 to 2001)

The futuristic animated series takes place in 2040—forty years after Batman: The Animated Series (1992). In the series, Bruce Wayne is over seventy years old, and he has created the ultimate bat-suit but is no longer able to fight crime in his fragile state.

One night, a teenager by the name of Terry McGinnis stumbles upon the suit while accidentally exploring the Batcave. After that, he uses the suit to avenge his father’s murder. And inadvertently, a new Batman is born. 

Batman Beyond received critical acclaim because it explored cyberpunk and sci-fi themes with stories centering on the dilemma of technological progress at the expense of morality. The series attained a cult-status and even spawned its own comic book series.

The series will be an important source for Warner Bros. because it explores the legacy of Batman in a way never seen on the big screen before. While Bruce Wayne’s Batman has been adapted countless times for live-action, Batman Beyond will be an excellent opportunity to expand the legacy of Batman. 

‘The Flash’ Is Hinting The DC Multiverse Model

With three different versions of Batman currently in the works, it definitely seems like Warner Bros. is moving away from their shared universe to a broader multiverse model with varying versions of Batman (or any other superheros or villains) existing in their own universes.

The Multiverse model

Alongside unique take on Batman in The Flash, DC is also developing two other versions of Batman. The second version could be seen in the upcoming movie The Batman (currently in development). Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson are working on the movie.

The third version could be seen in the future “Snyderverse” project/s, where Ben Affleck and Snyder may work together.  

Hence, the multiverse model is a fantastic way to move forward since this model allows Batman Beyond related plot to exist alongside Pattinson Batman and also Ben Affleck’s version. The multiverse also means more creative freedom to filmmakers as such a model will enable them to tell their own stories without having to worry about continuity issues. 

Keaton’s Role in DC Multiverse

According to a CBR article, Keaton will not only reprise his role as Batman in The Flash movie but will also appear in multiple films. The plan is for Keaton to appear in multiple DC films, in a role similar to Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in Marvel franchise. 

There are also reports that Keaton is in talks to appear in a Batgirl solo film. Such reports have added fuel to the fire about Keaton’s mentor-like role in the future Batman-related films. 

Therefore, The Flash movie seems to be a pivotal film moving forward in the context that it may officially introduce audiences to all the different DC cinematic universes in existence. 

The Flashpoint storyline heralded a bold, new era for DC Comics. With the DC Extended multiverse, WB is taking a bold step forward into a new franchise model that even Marvel and other studios may emulate. 

‘The Flash’ Release Date and Confirmed Cast

The Flash is scheduled to release on June 3, 2022, with Ezra Miller in the titular role.

Joining Miller are Billy Crudup (as his father), Henry Allen, Michael Keaton (unconfirmed role), and Ray Fisher (Cyborg).