Sue Aikens is the owner and operator of Kavik River Camp and also stars in the Nat Geo documentary series Life Below Zero (2013-2020). Those are her two main sources of income which probably have perked up her net worth to a significant amount by now.

However, the only reason she is successfully involved in both a documentary series and running a camp is because of how she grew up tussling with the extreme conditions of Alaska from early on. In this sense, it was her early life experiences, more than anything else, that was the basis for her financial worth and fame right now.

Sue Aikens Current Boyfriend is Micheal Heinrich

Aikens' current boyfriend is Michael Henrich, who is a journeyman electrician. She has a past history of marriages, according to various sources found during our research.

She is also a grandmother and has two children.  

Sue Aikens’s Mother Left Her On Her Own In Alaska

Sue Aikens was born in Mount Prospect, Illinois, a town about 20 miles northwest of downtown Chicago. However, she was meant to spend her life not among the people but in the midst of animals and nature, and she knew that very well. During an interview with The Straits Times in 2016, she said that she was born to be an explorer. Had she not moved to Alaska, she adds, that there would still be high chances that she would become close to nature. 

I am born an explorer and an adventurer.... so if I had not moved to Alaska, I would probably still try to find a way to get close to nature.

By fate or just sheer coincidence, Sue happened to reach the unforgiving state of Alaska very young in her life. But she did not arrive there by choice. Prior to this, her mother left her dad and took off for Alaska when she was just 12 years old. Upon arriving there in 1975, they settled in a village 80km north of Fairbanks. 

Sue Aikens in Life Below Zero (2013-present)

Sue Aikens in Life Below Zero, 2013-present (Photo: Youtube)

Sue had one more surprise to bear when she reached Alaska. Her mother left Sue to pursue her own life. Since then, she had to live alone and find her own way in the cold. She said, that seeing no other way than to adapt to her environment, she stopped feeling sorry for herself quickly and started to see life as an adventure, instead. 

I had a period of feeling sorry for myself, but I got over it and decided to see it as an adventure instead. 

Once she took control of her mindset and transitioned to her life in Alaska, She got used to living in a tent and even hunting at a relatively young age. Regarding her early hunting experience, she reveals that an Alaskan resident handed her a rifle which she made her first kill with, and in her own words, "that was that". 

Therefore, after she was able to live on her own in the wilderness Alaska became her new home. 

Aikens Purchased Kavik River Camp in 2002

Kavik River Camp is Aikens' main source of income. She purchased the camp in 2002, according to The Straits Times

She also disclosed the details about the camp with Joe Rogan in his 2014 podcast. She said that she bought the camp from its previous owners, who she also knew and was friends with. 

She further mentioned in the podcast that her main sources of income in the camp were eco-tourism, bird watchers, northern lights viewers, and scientists that go there to conduct various research. In addition to this, she also said that she receives hunters for the months of August and September.

Starring On ‘Life Below Zero’ Shot Up Her Income

Prior to her Nat Geo series, Aiken's only television appearances were in Sarah Palin’s Alaska in 2010 and Flying Wild Alaska in 2011.

Then, Nat Geo came calling in 2013 and she, along with five other Alaskans, joined the cast of Life Below Zero. The show was documenting how difficult life was in Alaska, something that she had a lot of knowledge and experience with.


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So, in a way, her early life prepared her for a part in a reality docu-series later. And effectively, she is now earning decent money by doing what she usually does. The only change is that she now has to do her daily chores in front of a camera crew.

Aikens Recently Purchased A Cabin In Alaska

As Distractify reported, In 2018, Sue Aikens decided she was going to plan for her future and slowly move away from her home in the Kavik camp as she was getting older. Another reason she was moving from the camp was that the government would not allow her to own the land of the camp. Instead, she only owned only the improvements she made at the camp.

Kavik River Camp in Life Below Zero

Kavik River Camp (Photo: Youtube)

Therefore, with this in mind, she decided to prepare for her future away from the camp and, in the process of doing so, purchased a cabin. However, she was not going to move immediately at that point.

I'm not moving in here permanently tomorrow, but I see it as a good addition to my lifestyle...

Distractify did not provide any details regarding the price of the cabin. Regardless, this purchase must surely add to her already decent income and financial worth from the earning she makes from Kavik river camp.

What Is Sue Aikens’s Net Worth?

The same article from Distractify also claims that Aikens is worth somewhere around $500,000. Considering the success of the Kavik River Camp, her part in the show, and her latest cabin purchase, it could be said that that amount is near to the true figure, although this is just pure speculation on our part. Unless there is some formal investigation into what she makes and owns, we can not determine her true net worth.