Motivational speaker Simon Sinek has been very open about relationships and marriages. For him, a relationship is not just linked to a romantic confluence with a particular person but also about his partnership with his work.

Sinek admits that he has had to sacrifice his personal life for work but believes that the sacrifice was worth it.

Sinek Is in a Relationship with His Work

The 47-year-old author does not have a wife nor a girlfriend. For him, his personal life revolves around the work he does.

Sinek believes that he is in a relationship with his work. For instance, on February 18, 2013, he took to his Instagram to share that his keyboard was his friend, girlfriend, child, food and water, and all he cared about.


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He Understands the Importance of Partnership in Life and Business

Being unmarried has not held Sinek from relating his work experiences to relationships, marriages, and dating.                                    

As a past advisory to Marketers, he has cited a commonality between his experience of marketing and relationships. In a tweet on July 9, 2012, he shared that marketing is similar to dating as it's about building relationships, and like any strong relationship takes time to be successful.

Similarly, in a June 2016 interview with Forbes, Sinek stated that he was a student of leadership and compared leadership to parenting, stating that there are many personal sacrifices when you sign up for leadership.

It’s damn hard work! The risks are very real and when things go wrong, you have to take full responsibility. In both parenting and leadership, it’s difficult to measure the results on a day-to-day basis but if you stay the course, you’ll see the impact over time.

And indeed, Sinek has made many personal sacrifices to be the leader that the world knows of today.

He also penned down on his blog titled 'Why You Need A Partner' that all human beings need a partner whether in their life or their businesses. He believes that in life, the best marriages are like a partnership, and in business, the best partnerships are like a marriage while emphasizing the essence of relationships in business.

In entrepreneurship, he believes that the company is like a family, so it is only fair and fitting to have two parents in the family. He suggests that people at the top need a partner to share doubts, expose vulnerability, keep each other going, and, if not for any other reason, to help them live longer. 

Whether a formal equity partnership, a senior employee or a right-hand-man or woman, every entrepreneur needs a partner...a business husband or wife.

Sacrificed His Personal Life for His Work

In one of his Start with Why website's blog posts, 'Sacrifice Should be Worth the Sacrifice,' Sinek has shared that at times he wishes to live the life of her sister, who gets to spend time with her husband and children.

He further admits that he chose this life of work, but that came with a cost - the cost of not having to start a family or be with his friends.

 It is harder for me to date or meet someone I could even think about starting a family with...

However, the motivational speaker is time and again reminded of a life that he has created for himself, where he inspires other people, and despite having to sacrifice his personal life, he feels satisfied with what he is and has. He believes that "sacrifice is only debilitating or life-sucking if there is no light at the end of the tunnel."

Fortunately for Sinek, there is plenty of light and even some more that he can share with others as an inspiration.