The American actress and model, Shelley Hennig, explained an awkward yet funny moment about how she made her friend's boyfriend leave town out of embarrassment on one of her Instagram posts.

The Teen Wolf actress's witty and outspoken nature is one of the qualities her fans admire.

Her Instagram posts are flooded with interesting uploads and humorous captions, which have already gained her three million followers.

And, the post about her awkward moment at a friend's apartment in New York is one of the more interesting ones.  

How Shelley Hennig Made Her Friend's Boyfriend Awkward

On January 25, 2019, Hennig posted a random photo of herself with a caption narrating a funny yet embarrassing story. The story was about when she was staying at a friend's place in New York City. 

One night she happened to go home late while her friend and her friend's boyfriend were already home.

Hennig wanted to change her undergarments out of habit before she went to sleep, but her suitcase was in her friend's bedroom.

So, naturally, she went into the room to grab her things. Well, her timing could not have been any more wrong.

As she entered their room without notice, she found her friend asleep, and the boyfriend was, in her words, "umm ... doing his own thing."

The boyfriend even yelled, "I'm busy!" but Hennig found it best not to address him, grab her things, and leave the room.

However, when she woke up, she found he had already left for some "family emergency." 

In her caption, she also mentioned that she felt sorry for not realizing her boundaries, which turned into an awkward situation, and found it funny how her friend's boyfriend yelled at her. 

It was only in the caption's ending line that her followers realized the photo was not just some random snap after all. The beautiful actress concluded that the picture directly related to her anecdote as in the picture, she looked "busy."

Shelley Hennig and Tyler Posey Dated for Fans

Talking about social media posts, there is a video on YouTube where Hennig and Tyler Posey pretended to be on a romantic date for their fans' sake.

Shelley Hennig and Tyler Posey acted as boyfriend and girlfriend for their fans.

Shelley Hennig and her Teen Wolf co-star Tyler Posey once pretended to be dating. (Photo: Twitter)

When the Netflix series Teen Wolf had gained massive popularity, the fans loved the characters Malia and Scott McCall's short on-screen romance so much that they were shipping the characters and wanted them to date for real. 

To calm the fans' fantasy, Hennig and Posey, who played the respective characters, pretended to be a couple and did a little role play. 

As evident from the funny skit, the Teen Wolf stars are very close friends.

Shelley Hennig's Real Dating History 

The Netflix star has been rumored to have been romantically involved with some famous personalities. Initially, she was in a relationship with her co-actor from Days of Our Lives, Jay Kenneth Johnson, from 2007 to 2012.

After the couple split in 2012, she was rumored to date her co-star Thomas Decker from Secret Circle.

After the rumor got old, she was again reputed to have had a romantic involvement with an American actor, Ben McKenzie, in 2013. However, the actress's current boyfriend is unknown. 

The Miss Teen USA title winner, when asked in an Office Magazine interview about her famous roles in Days of Our lives, Unfriended, and Teen Wolf, mentioned that she had done many teen characters throughout her acting career and was ready to take on more adult roles in the future.