Earlier this week, Ryan Raynolds took to twitter to put an end to Hawkman casting rumors for Dwayne' The Rock's Johnson's Black Adam.

In one of his tweets, the actor gave a special nod to the upcoming Snyder Cut of Justice League expressing his interest to be in it

The actor immediately followed that by mentioning he's may already be in the Snyder's version of JL. 

This cryptic tweet left many fans wondering if he had shot scenes as Green Lantern for Snyder's Cut. But the chance of his portrayal as Green Lantern also looked thin because Sam Benjamin had been rumored for the role.

Benjamin had even taken to Flashback FilmMaking Youtube channel to reveal his involvement in the project. 

Soon after, Deadpool actor Raynolds trolled fans with a video of what he was really talking about—a 'Raynold's Cut' of his Green Lantern film. 

What was in the Humorous Video?

The video starts with a parody clip from Deadpool (2016). In this clip, Deadpool pops out the back of (real) Ryan Raynolds and shoots him just as he finishes his script for Green Lantern.

Then, the video juxtaposes scenes from his own Green Lantern film and Tom Cruise's Top Gun (1986) in quick succession and eventually ends with a scene of Justice League members overlooking the Green Lantern. 






But contrary to what many may believe, the scene was not showcasing Raynolds' character standing before the Justice League superstars. 

As it turns out, Raynolds had taken this opportunity to tease another actor for the role.



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Raynolds teased non-other than Tom Cruise for Green Lantern in the video.. 

Cruise's deep-fake video in the Green Lantern clip was a nod to several rumors about the actor being the top contender for the Green Lantern Corps movie, a reboot to Raynold's 2011 Green Lantern. 

Did You Know?

This is not the first time Raynolds has trolled fans. The actor is famous for his offhanded replies on twitter.

But now, it seems as though his recent tweet has shed new light on his perspective of Tom Cruise's GL rumors. 

Looks like the author is not the only one who thinks that Tom Cruise would make a great Lantern