Patrick Simondac, aka Patrick Starrr, is an American YouTube beauty expert who works as a professional freelance makeup artist. He has amassed over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 4.3 million followers on Instagram.

Here are some wiki facts about the social media star's gender, age, and net worth!

Identifies As Gay

The makeup artist faces many questions regarding his gender, repeatedly. The answer to that is he is a gay man.

Starrr was born on November 11, 1989, in Orlando, Florida. Speaking to CNN, he revealed he realized his sexuality at the age of 12. As a frightened 12-year-old who was clueless about how to convey his feelings to his family; he started experimenting with makeup, standing in front of his mother's mirror.

I started dealing with my feelings in front of the mirror in my mother's bathroom. That was the start of Patrick Starrr.

In another interview with the BBC, the YouTube star admitted he identified himself "as a gay man." He stated he does not perform as a drag queen.

The 31-years-old also explained that he wore make-up to gain the trust of his potential customers and make them believe he was a good make-up artist. 

Would you want to go to a dentist with no teeth? 

Loves to Spend Time with Family

The talented makeup artist was born to an entrepreneur father and nurse mother. His parents are supportive of him and often appear in his videos on YouTube. He possesses Filipino-American ethnicity, as both of his parents are immigrants from the Philippines.

Starrr grew up along with two brothers, Paul and Peter Simondac — both his brothers are gay. He loves to spend time with his brothers and parents.

In late August 2018, he shared a heartwarming picture on Instagram showing his love towards his family.

Revealing the involvement of his family in Mac cosmetics, he stated he wouldn't have succeeded without his brothers. He added that family is everything for him and thanked his brothers for never shunning or hating him.

His Net Worth

Pattrick, who has been associated with the makeup industry for over a half-decade, earns money from YouTube revenue. He also runs a website 'Maccosmetics,' where he recently launched his own makeup collection through MAC.

However, the exact figure of his net worth is not disclosed yet. That being said, PopSugar reported he receives around $280K a year from YouTube views, excluding sponsorships.

Girlfriend's Death Increased His Popularity

Despite identifying himself as a gay man, Starrr had a girlfriend in the past. His girlfriend was Talia Joy, who passed away in July 2013 because of cancer.

His then-girlfriend, however, helped a lot to boost up his career. After her death from a rare nerve cancer, Joy's channel saw a surge in viewers who wanted to express their condolences. Her last activity in her channel was to like one of Starrr's videos.

This led to his channel's increase in popularity, and his channel added more than 15K subscribers just one month after his girlfriend's death. His career took off after that, and his popularity increased from his YouTube channel.

Tied The Wedding Knots For Promo

Both Patrick Starrr and make-up artist Manny Gutierrez, aka Manny Mua, are celebrated personalities in the world of beauty. They make a regular presence at glam parties that hint at their closeness.

The two eventually tied the wedding knot in November 2016. But the event later turned out to be an elaborate introduction to Starrr's new wedding makeup series.