Mike Rashid King, a perennial fitness enthusiast, channeled his intrinsic devotion to physical wellness and training to establish multiple lucrative business ventures.

His journey into the fitness world began at a nascent age. He was all of 12 when he became an amateur boxer.  The boxing prodigy rapidly rose through the ranks, and his amateur boxing career culminated with him winning two 'National Golden Gloves.'

Transition to Entrepreneurship and Diverse Ventures

While Rashid’s career as a boxer contributed to his net worth, his entrepreneurial drive catapulted him to being a multi-hyphenated bodybuilding force to be reckoned with. Also, his physique and granite-sculpted musculature are his greatest assets.

Moreover, he synthesized his years of knowledge and experience to attain a body that engenders trust in those who seek to replicate similar results. That sense of trust, combined with his know-how in the realms of workouts, training, and supplements, is a significant contributing factor powering his successful YouTube channel, one that demonstrates various training techniques and best practices for bodybuilding. He operates a YouTube channel with over 1.3 million subscribers.

He is also the co-founder of various supplements and clothing based organizations. The fitness guru dipped into the entrepreneurial pool when he founded IMSOALPHA, a natural supplements company, in 2013. From there on, there was no turning back. 

Rashid sporting an Ambrosia Collective T-shirt. (Source: Ambrosia Collective)

Since then, the boxer has founded Alpha Academy, a clothing apparel company. He is also the co-founder of Ambrosia Collective, a nutraceutical company that deals in natural supplements and vitamins.

Further, he authored the successful ‘Overtraining’ series of eBooks, yet another testament to his diversity as a business operator.

The concept of overtraining is a hot-button topic among fitness enthusiasts. Through his books, the Brooklyn native sheds light on how best to utilize nutrition as a tool to stave off the adverse effects of overtraining.

His engagement in distinct business avenues such as training, supplements, and apparel has strengthened his position as an entrepreneur.

Rashid’s Net Worth 

Owing to the revenue generated by his varied business avenues, Rashid is one of the most prosperous bodybuilders going around. While there is no single, irrefutable number that defines his net worth, it is likely that given his numerous revenue streams, he has a sizeable net worth. 

The exact figures might be up for debate since he has not disclosed his earnings in public, but whatever the amount may be, his success as both a bodybuilder and entrepreneur is apparent for all to see.

Purported Use of Steroids

The YouTuber's journey has not been entirely free of hiccups. The use of steroids is a contentious topic in the fitness community, and Rashid has been subject to several speculations that claim he has used steroids to acquire his imposing physique. 

Since he has refrained from committing to either stance, the jury is still out in this regard. Nonetheless, the speculations do not diminish his business exploits.