It’s hard keeping up with the Kardashians. Thankfully, it is not as hard keeping up with Mehgan James’s dating life. Or so it seemed until Rob Kardashian decided to come into the fold.

Best known by her on-screen nickname, The Texas Temptation, James came to prominence after becoming one of the finalists in 2008's 50 Cent: The Money and the Power. James, then, left no stone unturned as she went from one reality show to another to make her mark in the industry. 

James actually put into practice the phrase, "no publicity is bad publicity". She never hesitated to make raise her voice in any of the reality show she appeared in. Throughout her appearances in all her reality shows, she always managed to raise heads and keep the media attention towards herself. Her 'bad girl' attitude was what made her relevant in the fast-paced reality show world.

One could say that she even managed to keep up with the Kardashians. 

How Old Is Mehgan James? She Forayed Into Reality TV At A Young Age

James was born on 11 February 1990 in Houston, Texas, and grew up with six younger siblings. She became the most recognized among her siblings, particularly due to her stint in reality shows. 

Unlike other reality stars, James made her reality show debut at a very young age of 18 in MTV’s 50 Cent: The Money and the Power. The reality show had aspiring hip-hop moguls compete with each other to get a chance to win an investment from rapper 50 Cent. James wrapped up the show coming in fourth place- an impressive feat for the 18-year-old. 

She didn’t stop there, however. In 2012, James joined Bad Girls Club to become part of a  handful of unruly women that were required to live together in a luxurious mansion for three months. The show then recorded confrontations and altercations between these “bad girls” as each woman fought to become the ‘alpha’.

Although James was evicted on the 1st episode of season 1 itself, her persona gave her a spot in seasons 2 & 9. During her first episode of the Bad Girls, James was only 22 years of age. 

After garnering recognition at a relatively young age, James then starred in another reality show, titled Basketball Wives L.A (2015) that followed women who were all linked romantically to famous basketball players. Back then, Mehgan was romantically involved with NBA star Kendrick Brown. 

After not getting invited to the 5th season of Basketball Wives L.A, James seemed to have gone on a three-year hiatus to eventually land a place in OWN’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

The Bad Girls breakout star went into the show to fix her relationship with college football player DeAndre Perry. Her relationship with Perry was especially an infamous one, not only because of the show but also because of reasons that they would eventually break up for. 

James Infamous Falling Out With Kendrick Brown And Footballer DeAndre Perry. Who Else Has She Dated?

The first public relationship of James was with the former Boston Celtics star, Kendrick Brown. Her relationship with Brown was also the reason that she landed a role in Basketball Wives L.A. 

According to a 2015 interview with Jill Munroe, James landed the show when she met Jackie (another contestant) in an event through her publicist. James publicist introducer her to Jackie who then her that she would make a good fit for the show. At that point in time, her boyfriend, Brown had not just played for the Celtics but also had already played for Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers.

While James' relationship did not last long with Brown, the relationship seemed to have benefited her reality career a great deal. 

James then dated college football player DeAndre Perry in what was to be a much talked about aspect in her career. Although that could also be due to her appearance in Marriage Bootcamp. 

The main reason that the couple joined the show was to mend their breaking relationship. But that wasn’t to be, as the show brought out more underlying issues between the couple. Perry argued that James was never interested in him and that she only joined the show to stay relevant. But James never seemed to trust Perry no matter how much he tried.

To James' defense, a majority of her fans argued that Perry kept being unfaithful despite knowing how James was trying to work on their relationship. 

After the show, James seemed to have completely called it off with Perry as both have never mentioned each other in any of their social media handles. 

It seemed that James had a thing for football players. Prior to, and post dating DeAndre Perry, James was linked to a handful of other NFL players. The list included the likes of former Denver Nuggets player, Kayvon Webster, and Quincy Miller. To add to the list, she was also reportedly involved with former NFL player Victor Cruz of the NY Giants. 

Just when it seemed that James had a thing for athletes, Mehgan James did a complete u-turn to her dating profile by dating someone other than. In 2017, she was linked to Rob Kardashian, elder brother to Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Is Rob Kardashian Husband-To-Be? Or Just Another Rumor?

In June of 2017, a few months after Rob Kardashian’s breakup with his fiancee, Blac Chyna, reports surfaced that Mehgan’s new boyfriend was none other than Rob himself.

With multiple outlets confirming their relationship, the rumored couple hadn’t gone public or made it official through their social media platforms.

James was the first person to be linked with Rob after his split. After the rumors made their way to the Kardashians, Rob denied knowing James all together and stated that he hadn’t even met her. 

Fortunately, by 5 June 2017, TMZ came to the rescue and reported that the whole relationship rumor was just a setup. The report claimed that Mehgan had planed the stories to gain more fame. 

Our sources say Mehgan's "team" contacted a bunch of media outlets planting the story. We're told her goal was...spread her name, grow her following. - so sadly, mission accomplished.

While it turned out to be another rumor, it was unlike any other rumor concerning James. The rest of the Kardashians made it clear that they didn’t want a girl like Mehgan for Rob; they wanted a more calm lady.

That being said, since then, Mehgan hasn’t been linked with anyone else, nor has there are any reports about her dating life.