As a wife of a famous TV personality, Lynn Greenfield has had much written about her. What has not been written is Lynn's contribution to make her husband the man he is today. 

Lynn Greenfield is known for being the better half of CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer. 

From Greenfield To Mrs. Blitzer And Mom Blitzer: Lynn's Bio

Lynn Blitzer was born and raised in the states. Lynn is not into social media and never shares the spotlight with her husband, which has contrived to an undocumented early age and childhood. 

In 1973, she tied up the knots with her husband in an intimated wedding ceremony with Wolf Blitzer. Lynn has traveled a great deal of world as her husband's job required an extensive amount of traveling. She was by her husband's side whether he was at Russia after the cold war, or reporting from Israel.

Lynn and Ilana's family expanded from two to three after they welcomed a daughter, Ilana Blitzer. Illana has followed in her father's path and served as the editor of  Health Magazine and All You Magazine. Lynn raised her daughter in the best possible way and gave her the best upbringing. With Wolf Blitzer always busy with his job, it was left to Lynn to bring up her daughter, Ilana.

Ilana is now a grown woman of 37 years of age, and already well settled in her personal as well as professional life. Alongside a stable job as a beauty journalist, Ilana has a family of her own, with a husband, David Snider, and a daughter of name Ruben Daniel Snide. Lynn's grandchild was born in August 2016, only a year after her daughter got married.

Ilana was previously married to Joseph Gendelman, president of the Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services in 2008 but the couple's marriage couldn't last, and they ultimately divorced, the exact date of which is not known. Her previous marriage, however, was not an obstruction to her new marriage. It might have helped that she didn't have any children of the prior marriage. Little Ruben, after she was born, was the key difference between Ilana's two marriages and an agent that made the current marriage more sustainable.

The birth of Lynn's grandchild was announced on the national television (i.e., CNN) and her husband shared the couple's euphoria of the moment. Lynn was always very close to her daughter, but the birth of grandchild must have strengthened their bond even more. She is frequently seen with her daughter in various social events. Despite her advancing age, the mother is seen with her daughter flaunting her well-maintained body and is a preacher of maintaining an active lifestyle.

That could be the reason, Lynn has always worked in her life. Her husband, Wolf Blitzer, boasts a whopping net worth of $16 million and a yearly salary of $5 million for his job with CNN but Lynn instead of immersing in riches has always chosen to work. She works as a personal shopper at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Chevy Chase. Despite the job offering a meager salary, it's her love for the work that has kept her busy.  

The Brainchild Behind Her Husband's Eccentric Tie And Wardrobe

As a personal shopper, Lynn is adept at helping the consumers decide on what to buy at the right budget. 

And her expertise in shopping has helped her husband too. Speaking to What’s My Logo? biweekly blog about fashion and style on Huffington Post, Wolf Blitzer revealed his unforgettable moments with his attire.

Wolf regathered his memory and described his experience of reporting during the Kuwait war. The CNN personality was rocking a bomber jacket with collars turned up and down. And the jacket became a signature after he donned it, which was chosen by his wife, Lynn. 

With Husband: Wolf Blitzer and Lynn Greenfield attend an event organized by Children's National Medical Center in 2014 (Photo:

Furthermore, Wolf whose choice of eccentric neckties is famous all over the world are not his preferences, they are bought by his wife from her experience as a personal shopper. 

Lynn's choice of profession has not only helped her take up an active lifestyle, but She also has helped her husband create a signature wardrobe style. As they rightly say, 'Behind every successful man, there stands a woman.'