Although American Journalist Liz Cho made a name for herself in journalism, she was greatly influenced by her late father's work at an early age. Cho's late father, Dr. Sang, who died of colon cancer on March 13, 2009, led the team that performed the first-ever liver transplant in Boston. He was among a handful of surgeon pioneers in the field of kidney and liver transplantation.

Now, the Concord, Massachusetts native is as official organ donor herself, according to NY Dailynews. Back in 2017, she hosted also hosted a show called Conneted For Life on the occasion of Organ Donor Awareness Month in collaboration between "WABC/Ch. 7 and New York Presbyterian Hospital."

Who is Liz Cho?

Lizabeth Cho, or as she is affectionately called 'Liz' Cho, is best known as the co-anchor of WABC-TV's Eyewitness News. She has covered historic events such as the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton and the funeral of President Ronald Regan. 

In 2003,Cho was named the chief anchor in Eyewitness News and was also named as one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People

Liz Cho Brief Bio: Her Early College Days To Eyewitness News Team

The famous journalist was born on December 19, 1970, in Concord, Massachusetts to Dr. Sang Cho and Donna Weltman. Cho is of mixed ethnicity; her father is a Korean American roots and her mother is a Jewish American.

The news anchor currently resides in New York city. However, she completed her education in her home state of Massachusetts. She graduated from Concord-Carlisle High School before getting a dual degree with Boston University in journalism and history. 

Shortly after her graduation, she became a reporter for the Miami, Florida-based station WPLG. She was also an assignment editor with the New England Cable News in Newton, Massachusetts.

After her stint with New England Cable News, she joined ABC News as one of the Chicago-based correspondents. There, she covered stories such as President Clinton's impeachment hearings, the Columbine High School shootings, and devastating tornadoes in the Midwest.

During her time at ABC News, Cho was also an anchor for World News Now while also covering stories for World News Tonight, and Nightline. Additionally, she also anchored coverage of the early weeks of the Iraq War for Good Morning America.

In 2003, Cho  joined the Eyewitness News Team where she has been for the last eighteen years. 

In 2012, Cho Hosted 'Connected For Life'

In 2012, Cho was chosen to host the special program called Connected For Life. The special was organized between WABC/Ch. 7 and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and was tied to the National Organ Donor Awareness Month that year. For the program, Cho went into the OR to talk to the surgeons and cover the low rate of organ donations in New York that needed to be improved.

The show featured a story of an 18-monnth-old boy in need of a new heart. The perspective of the narration was provided through the eyes of the boy's parents and the family of a deceased donor—a 24-year-old car accident victim whose organs were being donated to many.  

"It is a very emotional half hour...The people you will meet will have you tearing up and also cheering...It was the coolest thing in the world...I didn't do anything, other than talk to the doctor. To get to watch this symphony that is performed in an OR is unbelievable," she related the emotions and expectations of the associated stakeholders during a organ donation operation.   

It was a real privilege to be allowed into these families' lives when they're going through something so traumatic...It was a real honor," she added.

How Cho was Influenced By Her Doctor Father's Work?

Due to her father's profession, Cho grew up in a household where talks of operations and photos from the operation room in the family album were a common sight. This made her the right fit for the special show that WABC was hosting for Donor Awareness Month.

With her show, Liz got the opportunity to visit the ORs where organ transplants were actually taking place and talk to the surgeons first hand. The show also allowed her to showcase the stories of the real-life heroes who donated their organs to save others.

Liz Cho Supports Organ Donation

Liz Cho promoted organ donation (Photo source: Facebook)

In an interview with NY Daily News in 2012, Liz expressed the honor that she felt just being a part of the process.

It was a real privilege to be allowed into these families' lives when they're going through something so traumatic.

Cho Shares a Fond Memory Of Her Father and Her Daughter, Lulu

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On September 6, 2014, the Eyewitness News anchor took to Twitter to share one of the last pictures of her father with her lovely daughter Lulu.

In the captions, she also stated that "more can be done" and closed off with a hashtag #StandUp2Cancer, alluding support to cancer victims. The snap featured the Korean doctor getting ready to take his granddaughter in his embrace.

Liz's daughter, Louisa Simone, also known as Lulu, was born from Liz's first marriage to Evan Gottlieb. She later got married for the second time on July 11, 2015, to fellow news anchor Josh Elliot. 

Liz Cho can be seen in  WABC-TV's Eyewitness News First at 4 pm and Eyewitness News at 6