For Lisa Boothe marrying the wrong person is not an option. The 40-year-old journalist, who grew up in an untroubled household with her parents very much in love with each other, is looking for a similar kind of relation.   

Lisa is the president and founder of High Noon Strategies, a public relation, and communication firm which mainly aims at providing counseling during political and policy level fights.

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Similarly, she also is a regular news contributor to the Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN

Lisa Boothe Grew Up In a Political Environment

Lisa was born on 3 February 1985, as the only sister of three brothers to her parents in Ohio. She is the ultimate example of a family girl and is especially close to her father.

The family of six are all very close, and Lisa in September 2017 explained that she was able to achieve what she has till date because of having a secure family by her side. 

Boothe was raised up by American parents in a political environment as her father worked for a senator in the DC. Lisa's political bug was transferred to her from her father, and later the duo became sparring partners, discussing the political scenarios. 

Lisa was big into sports in her young age and was a state level hockey and lacrosse player. However, her sports career was cut short by a severe Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury leading her to take up education. She graduated in Arts, political science and development from the University of Tennessee in 2007. 

Lisa Boothe Got Into Limelight After Her Job At Fox News 

The TV host began her career at the US House of Reps, as a staff assistant in 2008. She quickly rose places and by 2012, was fronting up a congressional election campaign for Sandy Adams. Apart from Sandy, Lisa also acted as a spokesperson for senators Mark Meadows and Shelley Moore Capito. 

In 2014 she served as senior director for the pro-republican Black Rock Group, formulating communication strategies and policies for that year's election cycle.

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However, her expertise is not just limited to formulating communication strategies, she is one of the finest political commentator present today, and is a regular column writer for POLITICO, Daily Caller, and Town Hall.

It is her association with the Fox that made her famous. She is frequently seen on the Fox News either as a co-host for the political program, Outnumbered, or as a guest panelist in the Story and Special report. A regular political contributor to the Fox, she is famous for her incisive analysis of the political game and her staunch political stance.

Lisa Boothe: Lisa Boothe in Fox News' Outnumbered in 2018 (Photo: Pinterest)

Her role with Fox has been successful commercially too as she commands a salary of more than 75Ks per year excluding other external factors like equity, base salary, and bonuses.

Her salary is topped up with incomes generated by her company and her writing works, which makes her one of the wealthiest female political analysts in the industry.

Who Needs Husband When You've Got Father Like Hers

The outspoken daughter of soft-spoken parents is very grateful of her parents for raising her up and her siblings in a right way, Similarly, the ultimate daddy's girl grew up looking in awe of how her father treated her mother. 

Despite tying the knots in a wedding ceremony 38 years ago, the love and affection between her parents were still evident and the respect towards each other intact.

Lisa Boothe With Her Father: Lisa and her loving father attend ice hockey match supporting Washington Capitals in 2016 (Photo: Lisa Boothe's Instagram)

Lisa is very much in love with her father and is grateful for all the sacrifices he had to go through to raise her.  And that image of her father could have been reflected on the star's mind as she has been waiting for her Mr. Perfect. Despite not having a man flanking her side, she can be sure that she has her dad behind her back.

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The star is single as of 2018, and looking up for someone, who like her dad, respects her and loves her for an eternity of getting married. 

The recently turned 33-year-old gorgeous presenter and TV host uploaded a photo of her, blowing a candle, on the occasion of her birthday on 3 February 2018, with the positive caption:

Cheers to 33! It’s been an awesome ride so far. I can’t wait to see what this new chapter of life in NYC brings! 

This just demonstrates her deep underlying enthusiasm within her, ready to ride the next chapter of her young life, without fear and second thoughts.

She seems to be enjoying her independent and single life for now with a blossoming professional career ahead of her. She does not seem to be in any hurry to mingle right now as she wants her own fairytale, exactly like her long-time together mom and dad.