Lirik has been a fan-favorite streamer ever since his debut on Twitch back in 2012. His distinctive style of streaming without a webcam, quick-witted humor, and easygoing playing technique has kept him on top of the Twitch user base. Despite all that he has achieved, the gamer says that his fame was entirely unexpected, and he never intended to be famous—he just wanted to play video games.

One of The Top 50 Twitch Streamers

Saqib Zahid, known by his online alias, Lirik, is no ordinary streamer. He has been dominating Twitch for over eight years now. He currently has 2.71 million followers with an average of 18,878 viewers on each live stream. All of which puts the gamer at number 50 of the most followed Twitch streamers.

Lirik’s unique style of hiding his face while on live streams had left many of his followers waiting for a face reveal. Later, his selfies and portraits surfaced on his Instagram account, but the streamer still plays games without a webcam.


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He Makes A Lucrative Living Through Streaming

As a full-time gamer, Lirik seems to do pretty well for himself. There are no official figures on his net worth, but we can reach a reasonable estimate based on his subscribers.

The streamer usually averages 15,000 subscribers a month and likely earns $3.5 on average from each subscriber. This puts his average monthly income estimate at $50,000. Further, the gamer also earns from his merch sales and several promotions that he carries out on his Instagram account and Twitch streams.


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He Still Doesn’t Know How He Got Famous

While Lirik has kept his personal life separate from his Twitch streams for most of his career, he wrote an intimate message on Reddit three years ago. In the post, the gamer revealed that he never expected to be famous and that he is just someone who gave streaming a chance without putting much thought into it.

“I'm a nerd, who is shy, who happened to just decide to stream and see what happens.”

He also claimed he didn’t think he was capable of nurturing a huge fan base.

“I never thought I was entertaining, nor did I even think to grow an audience this big. This is absolutely insane to think about.”

Lirik Has A Stable Relationship With Girlfriend

The games seems to have found the right balance between his career and personal life. He tweeted in 2018 saying he had a girlfriend but “preferred to keep her off social media.”

Right now, though, the streamer seems to have no problems with his relationship going public. His Instagram posts regularly feature selfies with his girlfriend. Lirik also attended GlitchCon with her, and the two seem to be a happy couple.


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