Lee Seung Gi is considered a triple threat entertainer in the showbiz industry for his praiseworthy acting, singing, and show hosting skills. The multi-talented performer had been active as an actor and show host, but he had pretty much disappeared from the music industry—that is until he recently released an album named The Project.

While the Korean talent has made a comeback into singing, he is yet to do something about his dating life. It has been close to five years since he broke up with his previous girlfriend, and the 33-year-old actor is seemingly still single.

Seung Gi's Last Known Girlfriend Was Yoona from Girls’ Generation

The Korean sensation’s last known romantic relationship was with Girls’ Generation member Im Yoon-ah (also Yoona), who he started dating in October 2013. Much to many fans' dismay, the couple broke up in August 2015 after hardly two years of seeing each other. Both stated that their separation was related to their busy professional lives, which they prioritized over their romance.

When asked about her relationship with the actor during a press conference in 2015, Yoona shared she would put Girls’ Generation before her “personal matters.” At the time, the South Korean singer had been busy filming the Chinese drama Woshin Zhao Yun and releasing her new album You Think with her band.

Similarly, the multitalented Seung Gi was too occupied with his movie Love Forecast and was parallelly preparing to release his 6th music album. Furthermore, the actor was required to mandatorily enlist himself in the army, which he did just a couple of months after his break up.

Since then, there has been no news of the Korean star’s romantic endeavors. Some time back, the actor was seen to be seeking dating advice from a six-year-old, but it seems that hasn’t been of much help either.

As of January 2020, the actor doesn’t seem to have a wife or a girlfriend; but you can never really be sure what's happening behind the curtains.

He Loves Doing Reality Shows over Movies and TV Dramas

Seeing that the charismatic actor-singer has claimed to have decided on axing his love life for his career, let’s delve into what he has been up to professionally.

Since his discharge from military service in October 2017, the actor has been involved in one movie, three TV dramas, and eleven reality/variety shows.

When talking about his 2020 reality show Twogether, the entertainer explained that he was most attracted to reality shows amongst all entertainment works because they allow him just to be himself.

"I debuted as a singer and appeared in many variety shows and drama series immediately after. For me, all three are very meaningful and each gives me different joys. I think in variety shows, I can be my most honest self and can become really close with the people I work with, and also because it doesn’t have many rules or boundaries, it can be the most exciting out of the three.” 

He Finally Made a Comeback into Music after 5 Years

Although his dramas and variety shows have given him widespread popularity, people tend to forget that the actor is an accomplished singer. He made his debut in the entertainment business with a powerful ballad titled 'Because You’re My Girl' back in 2004. The massive popularity garnered by his musical career had propelled him into the spotlight in the first place.

With all the reality shows that Seung Gi was involved in—coupled with the TV dramas and a movie—it had been quite a while since his fans got anything new from him in terms of music. His last song was released five years back in January 2016, just before he enrolled himself in the military. The song was also titled 'I Enter the Military' (as translated from Korean).

But the South Korean artist's fans are thrilled with his new album, The Project. Better late than never!

There are four new songs. If I had two or three bodies, I would’ve filled it all with new songs but I was restricted by my physical strength. I had a couple of gem-like songs I had worked on in the past. There are also some songs that I wanted to sing but couldn’t because they were overshadowed by the title track. I narrowed it down to five songs and re-mastered them to release my seventh album.

The album, which was released in December 2020, consists of nine tracks.