Boys Over Flowers star Lee Min-ho is one of the most beloved South Korean actors, in part because of his drop-dead gorgeous appearance. But, at times, the same appearance has invited headaches for the actor, as many question him if he has had plastic surgery.

Does the actor have answers to the fan questions related to his plastic surgery? And did he really go under the knife? 

Lee Min-ho's Association To Plastic Surgery Platforms Spur Rumors

Being a notable figure, one gets associated with various brands, products, and platforms every now and then and meets people from all walks of life.

In that process, Min-ho was seen with a few plastic surgeons on December 17, 2007. The surgeons were associated with Star Line Plastic Surgery Clinic. Later, the picture surfaced on the homepage of another clinic, which led netizens to speculate that the actor had undergone a number of cosmetic procedures.

Lee Min-ho's picture with plastic surgery experts with before and after comparison by netizens 

Lee Min-ho's picture with the surgeons in 2007 with before and after comparison by netizens 

Denied Going Under the Knife

Needless to say, the curiosity and questions from fans regarding his cosmetic surgery speculations reached the ears of the Korean star. 

When he was asked how he maintains his good looks during a press conference on January 14, 2015, he was very quick to address the topic. He cleared the rumors and suspicions of him going under the knife. 

I don't worry about suspicions of plastic surgery because I have proof in graduation photos... My face is the type that gets swollen easily. People who don't know jokingly ask me, 'Who beat you?' My face is different in the morning and at night too.

The Gangnam Blues star also stated then that he was not very conscious about maintaining his looks in the past. But he started paying attention to his looks since becoming a public figure. 

Before, I didn't try to maintain my looks, but that's becoming more and more different. I think I need to pay attention at least a little. In the past, I didn't go to the dermatologist for 8-9 months, but now, I go here and then.

The Rumor Mill Is Still Ablaze

Even years after the rumors of Min-Ho's plastic surgery plagued the internet, the speculations and questions are still just as evident. Netizens continue to ask questions and post memes to talk about and at times ridicule the actor's appearance.

On June 22, 2020, a curious Twitter user posted, "Did the Lee Min Ho guy really do plastic surgery?" While other Twitterati wrote, "I heard Lee Min-ho did plastic surgery, that's why he's fine like that..."

Fans and publications alike, havcan'ten on a project of sorts where they compare before and after images from various films and public appearances in an attempt to prove that Min-Ho had surgical ifan'sention to thank for his good looks.

While many speculate if the Korean heartthrob has gone under the knife, most of his fans were indifferent. They claimed that Min-Ho had always looked good, even as a child. 

So, weather he had surgical intervention to accentuate his appearance, or he was born beautiful, was of little concern to fans.

Regardless of the rumors, a representative of the actor's agency publicly stated that they were not the least bit concerned about the specualtions and rumors of scandals surrounding their client. 

So it looks like the good actor can't find an escape from the speculations he is subjected to. He should, however, find consolation in the fact that he is still a heartthrob in many of his fan's hearts.