Rumors have started to float around that Lamorne Morris is going out with Nasim Pedrad, his co-star from the hit Fox show New Girl

Now, two actors playing an on-screen couple in no way means that they are dating each other. Having said that, Morris' and Pedrad's more recent appearance as another couple in the Netflix movie Desperados (2020) stirred up more rumors from fans that they could be dating. 

But is that just speculation from the fans’ side? Or is there some fire to the smoke?  

Lamorne Morris’ And Nasim Pedrad Sizzle In Their Small Screen Affair

Lamorne Morris and Nasim Pedrad shared an awesome chemistry on-screen; first in New Girl (2011), and then in Desperados (2020).

In New Girl, Morris and Pedrad portrayed Winston and Aly, respectively. In the sitcom, when their characters first met, Aly acted as if she wanted nothing to do with Winston except for their working relationship. But, as the series progressed, they climbed up the romantic hierarchy.

First, they were co-workers at LAPD, then they became friends. After that, they fell in love with each other; ultimately getting married and having a child together in the show's final season.

Their characters’ story is a bit different in 2020's Desperados, but they did show the same chemistry. In the Netflix film, Wesley, portrayed by Pedrad, is the main character of the movie. The premise of the film begins when Pedrad's character sends an angry email to her boyfriend, thinking he ghosted her. But as it turns out, he just had an accident in Mexico.

Worried that the email will ruin her relationship, she sets off for Mexico with her two best friends. And on the way there, she meets Morris' character Sean, who she had dated earlier. In the search to right her wrongs, Pedrad and Morris soon get embroiled in their own private affairs.

No, Morris And Pedrad Are Not Dating In Real Life

Morris' chemistry with Pedrad was so noteworthy that it riled up some interesting rumors and even pleas from some fans, which will be explored shortly. 

While Morris may have shared lovey-dovey relationship chemistry with Pedrad, unfortunately for the fans, he is actually not dating her. 

As per Cinemaholic, Morris cleared the situation regarding the fans' query by clearly stating the Pedrad and he were just friends and nothing more. However, Cinemaholic fails to provide any source or actual quotes from Morris to back up their information. So, we suggest you take this information with a bit of skepticism.

Cinemaholic also claims that Morris had reservations regarding relationships because of a heartbreak caused by an ex-girlfriend as she cheated on him with another person. 

There is a silver lining to this, though. Morris, if he did say something like that, had said it in 2018. And it has been two years since. So, he could have changed his mind about being just friends with her, although that is just a guess on our part.

Who Was Lamorne Morris’s Ex-Girlfriend That Broke His Heart?

Lamorne Morris has only ever been with one woman publicly and that is with E! host Erin Lim

While initially Morris never himself admitted to his relationship with Lim, they were spotted together a few times in public. They first sparked public interest when Lim posted a picture of her with Morris on her Twitter account in 2016. They then stood together for their first red carpet appearance as a couple in the 2017 Emmy Awards. 

Lim was with Morris for a little over two years till they broke up. Now, Lim is currently engaged to Joshua Rhodes, who is a creative director of a clothing brand called The Last Adam. 

As for Morris, there doesn’t seem to be any romance in his cards right now. He looks content playing Nasim Pedrad’s love interest for the time being. Their chemistry has been so good that even the fans want the on-screen couple to get together in the near future.  

In one of his such posts on Instagram on July 2, 2020, @amandapascual_ commented, “Can y’all date in real life?! YOU GUYS WOULD BE SO CUTE”. Another user, @cosmicalbabe expressed similar sentiments writing, “all need to date irl already..."

So, let's just wait and see if the two eventually end up dating each other or not. If their recent filmography is anything to go by, they certainly look set to play another on-screen couple. And we can guess where that might lead to...*wink *wink *nudge *nudge.