Kiefer Sutherland is a critically acclaimed star who has worked on over 100 projects to date. Sutherland is not only an actor but also a singer, producer, and director

Sutherland is best known for his roles in 24 as Jack Bauer, The Fugitive as Clay Bryce, and Designated Survivor as Tom Kirkman, among others. Looking at all the famous movies and series the actor has done, he is very comfortable with the role of a detective or an agent. 

It comes as no surprise that the actor’s new show is a spy thriller where he will play a private spy.

What Is Kiefer Sutherland Doing Now?

After season 1 for The Fugitive ended in 2020, there had been no news of Sutherland’s future projects. 

On May 11, 2021, Deadline reported that the actor’s next project will be a Paramount+ spy drama series. Sutherland will serve as the lead actor as well as an executive producer for the untitled series directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra. 

The unnamed series will revolve around James Weir (Sutherland), a private spy, and his battle to preserve democracy. Surrounded by misinformation and people with the power to control them, Weir needs to find his way to save democracy in the nation. 

The series will have eight episodes, and alongside Sutherland, Charlie Gogolak and Suzan Bymel will serve as executive producers. In a statement, directors Requa and Ficarra revealed Sutherland was their first choice for this thriller series. 

Similarly, Sutherland confirmed that the spy thriller would be released in 2022. The unnamed series will be produced by CBS Studios and distributed by ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group internationally. 

Kiefer Sutherland’s Other Works

Sutherland had been in the movie industry for more than three decades. He made his acting debut in a minor role in 1983’s comedy-drama Max Dugan Returns. A year later, he landed a leading role alongside Liv Ullmann in the Canadian drama, The Bay Boy. The series film won the Genie Award for Best Canadian Film. 

Since then, Sutherland has been a part of many successful movies like Young Guns, Flatliners, A Few Good Men, and The Three Musketeers, among others. He has also had significant roles in films like Dark City, Phone Booth, Melancholia, Pompeii, and Deceit.

Apart from movies, Sutherland has been a part of several TV series. In 2012 he appeared as Martin Bohm in the mystery drama Touch. The show revolves around Bohm, a widower struggling to raise his autistic son and discovering his ability to foresee the future. 

With all the projects Sutherland has been involved in, he has garnered many accolades under his name. He has won a Primetime Emmy Awards for the portrayal of Bauer in 24 and has been nominated six times for the same role. Some of the other awards he has won are the Behind the Voice Actors Awards, Golden Globes, Satellite Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

His iconic voice has been a part of several video games. He is the voice behind Jack Bauer in '24: The Game', Roebuck in 'Call of Duty: World at War' and Gideon Jones in 'Black Ops 4: Dead of the Night'. 

Sutherland is also an accomplished singer. He has released two albums, ‘Down in a Hole’ and ‘Reckless & Me.’ In 2019, he went on tours in the USA, Canada, UK, and European Union Nations after the release of his second album.