Kevin Steincross, known best as a news anchor in Fox 2, has seen a major low in his career after being fired from the station for using a racial slur on-air. During the uproar of the incident, he was claimed by many Twitter users to be gay, even though Steincross has not clarified it.

A year later, fans are still excited to know whether he is married and has a husband or is single and straight.

Twitter Birds Believed That Kevin Steincross Is Gay 

Ever since Kevin Steincross uttered the racial slur during his news presentation in January 2019, he got under many scrutinies. In the heat of the incident, Steincross was called out by many Twitter users. They suggested that he be immediately terminated from his job as an anchor at Fox 2, like all other anchors who used offensive racial language. However, the station took a couple of days to analyze and investigate the matter before coming to a decision.

Looking at the situation that was playing along, some furious Twitter users claimed that the reason Steincross was not terminated immediately was that he was gay.

One Twitter user outright claimed that Fox 2 was reluctant to fire the anchor because of his gay privilege.

Another user made a comparison between the incident of April Simpson, a black reporter who was fired for her racial comment off the air. The user dubbed Steincross as a gay man who had used those slurs purposely.

Steincross, however, has not responded to any of these tweets. While many might assume that he is married and probably has a husband, Kevin has not been vocal about his sexuality and personal life in general.

Steincross Likes To Joke About His Dating Life On Social Media

Kevin Steincross has been very open about his career, which is evident from his social media posts. However, he has kept his relationships and personal life completely hidden from the public's eyes.

Although he has been secretive about his dating life and whether he is married or single, he does have a sense of humor about it. He once joked about how he was getting close to actress Julianne Moore by calling each other by their nicknames. He further asked his fans if it meant that they were dating.

He Is Currently Living Happily With His Furry Friends 

While we are unaware of Steincross’ married life, we do know that he has someone to come home to—his furry cats. He has posted pictures of his adorable cats—Eartha and Ella—on Twitter.

Apart from his cats, the anchor is also still very close to his parents. During the 2019 Christmas holiday, he was seen enjoying miniature golf with his parents.

His parents are an adorable couple who publicly display their love for each other, unlike their son, who shys away from it.

Steincross has a close-knit family, lovely cats, and fun-loving friends; however, he wishes to keep his dating life in the darks, which is respected. Hence, whether he is gay or not still needs to be identified.