You probably know Katie Daryl from her famous TMZ gossip bits, but there is much more to her career than just that. Katie is also the host and executive producer of the AXS TV music count-down series The Top Ten Revealed (2018 - present)She has even worked with Mark Cuban on his CBS show The Mark Cuban. Katie has come a long way since starting as a DJ at a local FM to being a well-recognized face in showbiz.

Today, we take a peek at Katie's career since she started as a young radio jockey to building her way up to mainstream media. 

Katie Daryl Quickly Worked Her Way Up From Radio To Broadcast

Katie's career as a host started at the young age of 15. While many teenagers worked in movie halls or restaurants, Katie decided to take up the profession of a DJ at a local FM. She worked part-time there, probably for some extra bucks. Little did she know that it would eventually become her entire career.

Katie wasted no time in becoming a well-known name in the media industry. As a college student, she worked as a morning show radio producer for Kiss FM. After gathering some experience there, Katie started working for MTV as a broadcaster for Choose Or Lose. Katie joined Mark Cuban's own HDNet team as host and producer of True Music in 2002, and host of Zippo Hot Tour in 2005. The Mark Cuban-founded channel re-branded from HDNet to AXS TV on July 2, 2012. Katie currently hosts the network's Deadline! and The World's Greatest Tribute Bands. The passionate music journalist also works for VH1 as a music expert on their various count-down themed shows.

Katie’s Honors Span From TV Awards To Interviewing Stan Lee

Over her 18-year-long career in AXS TV, TMZ, CBS, and other networks, Katie has bagged several awards and has been featured on special events too. In 2017, Katie was the winner of the Cablefax award for Best TV Host (Music category). The award was given to her for her work on The World's Greatest Tribute Band -- a hit AXS TV show where Katie was the host. Further back in 2015, Katie was honored with a feature in Rat Rod Magazine, where she was put on the cover of the magazine's issue.

 Besides that, Katie also had the opportunity to interview Marvel legend Stan Lee for AXS TV in 2012, a substantial honor for any journalist, especially those covering Hollywood.

How Old Is Katie Daryl?

We know that Katie started young and made a name for herself, but how old is she right now? Unfortunately, that question does not have a concrete answer, only estimations. Twitter sources verify that her birthday is June 8 or 9.

@KatieDaryl happy birthday!

— Leslie Lindsey (@lesliealindsey) June 9, 2013

According to some sources, the American Television host is 36-years-old, although the age isn't officially verified. Nonetheless, there is evidence that Katie is married and also has a son. In an interview with California Rock News, she mentions her husband Eddie and her son Hawkeye, born in October 2015. 

Eddie and I welcomed our son, Hawkeye, into the world this past October and we couldn’t be happier.