Miss Teen USA 2010, Kamie Crawford, has completely immersed herself in media platforms promoting beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and pop culture.

Not only has Kamie inspired young girls to make a mark in the beauty industry, but she also encouraged her parents and family members to be open about it.

So much so, she urged her mother, Carla Crawford, to pursue a career in beauty pageantry.

Kamie Encouraged Mom to Follow Her Dreams

Kamie's mother, Carla, worked as an executive state director and producer for Miss DC USA, Miss CT USA, and Miss Teen USA for almost eight years.

She joined the pageantry industry after her firstborn, Kamie, won Miss Teen USA's crown in 2010.

In a podcast interview, when asked about how she got into beauty contests, she revealed that her daughter Kamie encouraged her to join the world of pageantry. 

Actually my daughter is what brought me into Paegentry. My daughter Kamie Crawford was Miss Teen USA 2010. 

However, after working for almost a decade organizing and hosting pageantry events, Carla retired.

In June 2019, she took to Instagram to announce her decision to relinquish the ownership and directorship of Miss DC USA and Miss CT USA to focus on her family and future endeavors.

Carla Achieved Back-To-Back Win at Miss USA

The mother of five gorgeous daughters has achieved back-to-back wins at Miss USA for her state — Deshauna Barber in 2016 and Kara McCollough in 2017. 

Not just that, most of her daughters have represented different states at pageants under the organization.

However, only Kamie was able to grab the 'Miss Teen USA' national title in 2010 after winning the title of 'Miss Teen Maryland.'

Making her hometown and her parents proud, Kamie became the first contestant in history to win the crown from Maryland.

In addition to that, she also became the fourth African American and the third Hispanic to win the title.

Kamie Crawford Is Grateful for Her Parents

Kamie is grateful to have supportive parents in her life. She considers her mother as her biggest role model and inspiration, who has taught her always to follow her heart.

She is a rockstar mom to 5 girls, including myself- she's just the best. She's always taught me that I can literally do anything but never forced me in any direction in particular. She's always encouraged me to follow my passions and my heart. 

Moreover, the fashionista never fails to appreciate her mother on social media platforms.

On the occasion of Mother's Day, Kamie shared a series of pictures of her mom and wished a very happy Mother's Day to her fiery and fearless mom.

In the caption, she even expressed the gratitude she felt towards her mother and grandmother and assured them that their teachings would live on forever in coming generations.

Kamie has the same feeling of gratitude towards her father, Victor Crawford. He is not her biological dad, but she adores him.

On 2018 Father's Day, the model took to Twitter to express her gratitude towards him.

"Happy Father's Day to my dad & all the dad's out there who lovingly take on the responsibilities that originally belonged to someone else," she began her heart-warming message.

The television host also called him a hero and stated she was "blessed to receive that second chance at having you as our dad." Finally, she thanked Victor for all his love and support. 

While Kamie is thankful for her parents, they are equally proud of her success. 

On her birthday dated October 26, 2021, her mom Carla posted a family picture. In the caption, she wrote they were "so proud of the amazing woman" Kamie had become.