Justin Assanti was one of the most memorable cast members of the TLC's My 600 Lb Life, a show dedicated to telling stories of morbidly obese individuals trying to find a healthier lifestyle. 

Much like the other participants of the reality TV show, Justin and his brother Steven Assanti turned to Dr. Younan Nowzaradan to help them lose weight for the fifth season of the show in 2017.

Justin Was Morbidly Obese at 600 Lbs

Having developed an unhealthy attachment with food from early on in his life, Justin had put on a massive 600 Lb weight when he first appeared on the show. 

At the time, Justin's father had convinced him to talk to Dr. Now, despite his severe social anxiety issues. His relationship with his 800-pound-brother was, at best, strained, and Justin did not want to be in the show alongside him. 

Initially, Justin refused to take professional help for his weight from the good doctor. Instead, he opted to address his weight issues on his own.

Soon after, he established his own store Hobby Haven in his hometown of Cranston, Rhode Island. The shop primarily sold model kits of various sorts and complimented Justin's love for model-building. 

The Gastric Bypass Surgery

When things at the store did not go too well for the reality star, he reinstated himself into Dr. Now's care and opted to undergo a weight loss surgery after following a regulated diet. 

Justin managed to cut over 200 pounds off his body thanks to the surgery, but he left the program once again because of his brother's actions. 

Just as Justin was recovering from his gastric bypass surgery, Steven stole his pain medication. That was the final straw.

Reportedly, Justin had been bullied by his brother for most of his life, and this time around, Justin had had enough. So, he quit the program and severed ties with his brother too. 

Distractify reported that the brothers still had not reconciled since that disastrous trip. 

Justin's Third Time with Dr. Now

However, Justin came back to the program a third time after the good doctor was no longer in contact with Steven. He was back to actively working on his body and fitness.

According to The Cinemaholic, the younger of the Assanti brothers has progressed a lot since then. His shop is also doing fairly well in terms of business. 

Moreover, the shop helped him work on his social skills and mitigate his social anxiety, as being in the shop meant interacting with customers frequently. 

As for the elder Assanti, he went on to find love with Stephanie Sanger and exchanged vows with her in 2018. The wife often shares snaps of the lovebird after their wedding. 

However, the couple had been on radio silence on social media for a while, leading many outlets to believe that the once doting couple had since parted ways.