Bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is widely acknowledged for contributing to his patients’ extraordinary transformations on TLC’s reality show My 600-lb Life

This pioneering surgeon has a notable net worth thanks to his successful career as a surgeon and his hit TLC series.

From Humble Origins To A Million Dollar Net Worth

Dr. Nowzaradan, popularly referred to as Dr. Now by his patients, is a source of hope for the obese individuals who take part in My 600-lb Life.

He has made quite a name and fortune via his medical career and his work in television.

The now successful medical professional was born in 1944 in Iran. He graduated from the prestigious University of Tehran and got his medical degree in 1970.

It was then that he moved to the United States for further advanced training and expertise. 

In the US, he got enrolled in a surgical internship program in Detroit. During his time in Detroit, the doctor specialized in general surgery and cardiac surgery from St. John’s Hospital. 

In 1976, Dr. Now further received a fellowship—under the recommendation of leading artificial heart implantation professional Dr. Denton Cooley—at Texas Heart Institute.

Over his 40-year long career, the 76-year-old surgeon has amassed a net worth of $6 million. A huge reason behind this massive fortune is the TLC show My 600-lb Life

On the personal front, Dr. Now tied the knot with Delores Nowzaradan in 1975 and has three beautiful children with her. The duo separated in 2002 in what was referred to as a messy divorce. 

The father of three began his TV venture with the help of his son Jonathan, who is a filmmaker. The father-son duo first worked in a production called Half Ton Mum: World’s Heaviest Woman.

He Is Honest and Direct with Patients

One of the reasons behind the enviable success of Dr. Now is how upfront he is with his patients.

The doctor knows very well that some circumstances require him to be stern. In such cases, he doesn’t shy away from imparting some tough love to his patients. 

In 2017, the surgeon told People magazine he wants his patients to get well. He added he is comfortable being a disciplinarian if that would help improve his patient’s health and overall life. 

From the core of his existence, the doctor is dedicated to helping his patients so that they can reach a healthy and happy place.