Nigerian-American rapper Jidenna electrified his female fans by taking it to Twitter to announce that he was looking for a wife. Following his intriguing tweet, the 'Bambi' rapper has revealed facing difficulty in dating 'right' women. 

But why should someone as handsome and successful a musician as Jidenna have trouble finding a suitable partner? It seems there's more to this angle than what meets the eye. Read along to know what propelled the record producer to publicly announce that he is "looking for wifey."

The Tweet Was More of a Stream of Consciousness than a Request

The Nigerian-born artist has explained that since the release of his critically acclaimed album 85 To Africa, he has been trying to become more open than he has ever been—and that the tweet was part of that openness.

The 'Classic Man' singer further explained having trust issues at the outset of his career and did not want any serious relationships. The popular songwriter ascribed these feelings to his parents' unhealthy relationship and his own failed past relationships.

While it isn't clear what transpired between his parents, the singer did share a picture of their wedding day from 1969 on his Instagram. According to the Instagram post, the parents got married two years after the US legalized interracial marriage. 


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But the rapper’s sentiment on the matter has changed and is now acceptable to both traditional and non-traditional forms of relationship, provided that it is based on love and honesty. The tweet was simply a stream of this consciousness.

That was me talking to myself and putting it out there. Sometimes you forget [while tweeting], that you’re sharing this with everybody in the world. But it’s cool…that’s how open I am now. I wouldn’t say it’s a hunt. It’s me accepting it if it comes.

The rapper has also made it clear that he is open to monogamous and polyamorous relationships, but he is not a fan of polygamy. Interestingly, his grandfather had seven wives, which he did not approve of. The lyricist has also addressed this in his hit song 'Bambi.'

He Needs Mentorship in Dating

Let’s be honest here. Jidenna looks like the guy people should take dating advice from rather than give dating advice to. The Stanford graduate dresses impeccably, is well-spoken, and has a great personality. Yet, contrary to what many would assume, the 35-year-old bachelor is, in fact, seeking mentorship on the matter.

As per the rapper, the rap industry's workings, busy schedules, and taxing pressures have been a deterrent to his romantic aspirations. He doesn’t get enough time to form meaningful connections with women. To begin with, the singer is not at all interested in the groupies. Secondly, he doesn't want to date someone simply because she’s a catch either. He wants quality in his relationship, and “to get quality, it takes time,” but time is what he lacks.

I do not have a girlfriend. A relationship is like a garden. You have to be there to tend the plants and water them. I do not have enough time to do that.

As such, the single rapper is seeking meaningful advice in finding ways to get that “quality” in his dating life without compromising the quality of his professional life.   

The tough part is artists have to be in stock more than ever now and you have to push out content. Creatives do, period. You have to crank out so much content and you’re so available because of the phone. All those things make it really hard for anybody to date.