Jessica Biel is a proud mother to her two sons — Silas and Phineas, a wonderful wife to Justin Timberlake, and a talented actress. On top of everything, she's gorgeous and fit! 

Biel has always enjoyed remaining active, which is why her workout program incorporates a variety of training approaches, such as yoga, plyometrics, hiking, and even martial arts.

So, how does the 39-year-old working mom squeeze workouts into her hectic schedule?

Sports Enthusiast since Her Childhood

The actress’s interest in fitness began with her love for athletics.

The avid sports lover was born in Boulder, Colorado, where she spent a lot of her time in outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, and skiing. As a child, Biel was a gymnast and later became a club soccer player during her teenage days. She even tried dance training later on. 

According to Biel, one reason she has a good physique as an actress is because of her relation with sports. In a 2009 interview with ESPN, the 7th Heaven star said, “Playing sports and being physical helps me maintain that sort of relationship with my own body.” 

Biel further elaborated that she is conscious of how her muscles feel and how it responds when anything changes.


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Staying Active 

But now, with a family to look after and her work, her life has evolved. However, the last thing you'll ever see her do is not staying active.

Nowadays, the mother of two can be seen practicing her handstand, performing complex squat variations, relaxing with yoga, or trekking around the Hollywood Hills with her husband Timberlake. 


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In a 2020 interaction with Vogue, the fitness enthusiast stated that working out has always been what she needs to survive. The actress continued to say she enjoys the feeling of pushing her body to heights she didn’t think it could go.

It includes various things such as learning a new skill for work like archery, martial arts, or setting a new goal in yoga.

And above all physical activities, she prefers yoga and has been practicing it for over a decade to maintain her body measurements. According to her, it isn't about competition, unlike so many other workouts which adhere to the driving philosophy.

Personally, I’m trying to be kinder to myself, and when it’s me and that mat and it’s just not happening that day it feels totally fine—it feels wonderful, actually.

Besides that, she also performs complex workouts like the pistol squat to target all of her muscles, including the core, legs, and glutes. Along with it, she pairs dumbbell arm lifts to target her upper body as well.


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Maintaining a Balance

The Sinner actress doesn't just work out to maintain her splendid physique; she also eats a very healthy and well-balanced diet! 

According to 2018 reports from Closer Weekly, she reportedly grills veggies at home and eats well-prepared chicken or salmon, avoiding unhealthy foods like wheat, gluten, and dairy. 

However, a cheat meal once in a while doesn’t count. In a July 2020 Instagram post, Biel was seen having a cake while also performing some lunges. “Lunges but also, most importantly, CAKE,” she captioned it.

The clip was filmed on the set of her new series, Cruel Summer. The show is created by Bert V. Royal and premiered on April 2021. 

The thriller television series follows two adolescent girls in the 1990s and the consequences on their families after one is kidnapped and the other appears to take her place.