CBS News’ national correspondent Jericka Duncan seems to have journalism in her genes. She is the daughter of the former CBS Sports Network reporter and current Cleveland 19 correspondent Ronnie Duncan.

However, Jericka seems to be the only one who has followed her father’s footsteps into journalism. Learn more about her two siblings and also a bit about her parents below.

Jericka Duncan’s Parents Have Three Children

Jericka Duncan’s parents are Ronnie Duncan and Yvonne Duncan. Neither the couple nor their kids have ever revealed when they got married though.

First, let’s talk about her father. Ronnie Duncan, whose birthday falls on October 14, is a person with extensive experience in the broadcasting sector.

It was in 1978 that Ronnie first started off in broadcasting. Since then, the award-winning journalist has worked as a sports reporter, sports anchor, sports director, talk show host, and more recently, news correspondent, with companies and people such as WJZ-TV, Oprah Winfrey, WOIO/WUAB, and WKNR.

He also started his own production company, Slam Dunc Productions. He produced award-winning documentaries such as The Other Color of Winning, which was about the Cleveland Browns' historic 1964 Championship team.

As for her mother, Yvonne Duncan, she is the lesser-known one. However, she has an amazing academic history. After graduation from White Plains Senior High School, the New York native went to three different universities; she studied English at Morgan State University, went to Delaware State University, and took up Paralegal Studies/Law at Kent State University.  

The Duncan couple have three children—two daughters Jericka and Jasmine and son Joshua. Jasmine and Joshua are younger than Jericka.

Both of Jericka’s Siblings Are Married

Jericka is a proud elder sister to her two younger siblings.  

Joshua Duncan, her younger brother, is not involved in journalism. Instead, he helps people in a way other than delivering the news.

“I help the fearful become fearless!” reads his Facebook profile bio, something which he achieves through making people fit and healthy. He is an educator at lululemon Huntsville, a sportswear store since August 2016, and a trainer and coach at SweatLocal, a physical fitness center, since January 2015.

Other than a good professional life, Joshua is also leading a newly married life. He got engaged to Danielle Nicole Low on August 4, 2019 and married her in mid-2020.

Similarly, Jericka’s younger sister, Jasmine, too, is married. Jasmine Wolk (former Duncan) has a kid with her husband.

Jericka Duncan's younger sister Jasmine Wolk with her kid and husband. (Photo: Jasmine Wolf/Facebook)

Jericka Duncan Was An Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee In Her High School

Jericka was born on August 12, going by her father’s wish for her on Twitter in August 2019. She attended Aurora High School, which recognized her as one of their Hall of Fame members in 2014.

The correspondent was the class of 2001 in her high school. However, it looked as though she would go into sports during her early days due to her athletic proficiency. A part of many high school track and field records, four of which stood even until her induction into the Hall of Fame in 2014, she was as Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee.

Jericka continued her involvement in sports during college, too. Attending Ohio University on both academic and athletic scholarships, she majored in communications while still managing to break college records and achieve awards such as the NCAAP Image Award of Athletics in 2005.

However, she decided to put her communications degree to use after college and started off in journalism in 2007. Jericka, who is a mother now, has since made constant progress in her broadcasting career to be where she is right now.

Her father is her number one fan and is very proud of her career and accomplishments.