American celebrity chef Jeff Mauro aka the Sandwich King seems to take his fitness as seriously as he takes his food. Despite always being around food, it is amazing how the chef has managed to lose weight and stay fit.

After a substantially visible weight transformation, he has become an inspiration to all those foodies who think that their love for food is an obstacle to their fitness goals.

Let’s delve into Chef Jeff's transformation and fitness journey that has allowed him to stay close to the kitchen while also getting lean and athletic.

Jeff Mauro's First Hints Of Weight Loss Was Back In 2013 

While Jeff Mauro wasn’t ever obese or fat per se, it’s safe to say that he had gotten rather chubby during his time as the host of Sandwich King, which is kind of inevitable for a guy who liked to put mac and cheese on his sandwich coupled with two-way bacon strips (Yummy!).

Jeff Mauro looked chubby when he was hosting Sandwich King
2013: Jeff Mauro looked chubby during his time as host of Sandwich King (Source:Zimbio)

Many of his female fans liked the chubby Jeff, but the winner of the 7th season of Food Network Star seemed to have decided early on that he did not want to be shopping at the oversized clothing section anytime soon (or ever). The first hints of his weight loss surfaced in 2013 when he tweeted in reply to a fan that he was less chubby but equally cuddly.

Cross-fit, Yoga, Cycling — Chef Jeff Goes All In!

When you’re a top chef constantly surrounded by some of the best cooks and food in the world, it must be tough to refrain from the guilty pleasures of those exquisite extra carbs. Consequently, we're guessing you'll need to grind extra hard to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. As per the celebrity chef's social media handles, he has taken up various fitness programs over the years and worked with numerous fitness coaches to that end.

For instance, he shared via The Food Network that he does Cross fit workout at least 3 to 4 times a week for one hour.

"My cousin encouraged me to try Cross fit, and I was hooked instantly: You never do the same workout circuit twice. Once you break past the wall of it being scary, you learn the fundamental movements and really get into it."

He had also enrolled in SoulCycle classes back in 2017. An Instagram post from September 2017 shows the chef fooling around with his SoulCycle instructor Anthony. He already looks leaner here than in his photos from previous years (like the one above).


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Additionally, the co-host of The Kitchen also does Yoga to energize his health goals. He had posted a photo of him with his wife and some lady-friends after a Power Yoga Session sometime in 2019. He looks fairly athletic performing an Aoki jump amidst the ladies' yoga poses.


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Here, Jeff Mauro looks exhausted at the Strive Village. “The best workouts for you are ones where you’re at your worst & you motor through it”- as shared on his post. It is noticeable that he's putting in substantial work.


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Hard Work Paid Off For The Chef As He Looks Much Healthier Now

Years of hard work have clearly paid off for Jeff; as he looks a lot leaner and fitter now than he did back in 2015. Then, the host of Sandwich King looked quite chubby in a photo taken at the 2015 Battle of the Burger in Chicago with his belly slightly protruding out. 


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As his fitness regimen progressed throughout the years leading up to Halloween 2020, the 42-year-old chef looked a lot leaner in comparison to his 2015 photo.


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Fitness Runs In The Mauro Family

Jeff Mauro’s enthusiasm for fitness (and obviously food too!) seems to have rubbed off on his son Lorenzo as well. Just like his father, young Lorenzo loves his cheeseburgers but balances them out health-wise with Karate classes.

Even more so, like his dad, Lorenzo likes to mix it up when it comes to fitness. Jeff occasionally shares photos and videos of his son doing bodyweight and Cross-fit workouts and has signed him up for boxing as well. A social media post from about two years back shows Lorenzo dishing out some fairly good combinations for his first day in boxing classes.

With papa bear and baby bear both on the grind, you can be sure mama bear is in it too. Sarah Mauro has always looked fabulously fit and can often be seen working out together with her husband.


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