On camera, Jamie Hector has been through some menacing instances as a drug kingpin on HBO's The Wire, but the actor encountered an episode in real life, which was no less dramatic than in the movies.

Awaiting the birth of his first child, The Wire star survived a near-fatal incident at his wife Jennifer Amelia’s baby shower party that almost took the life of the soon to be parents and their yet-to-be-born infant.

For any father, their children's birth is a memorable event, but for Hector, it seems to harken back a memory both dangerous and life-affirming. Read on to find what it was.

The Life-Threatening Incident Happened In 2009

In July 2009, the actor of Haitian descent was hosting a baby shower party in New York to celebrate his wife's pregnancy. But the party suddenly changed into a horrible crime scene as a gatecrasher broke into the party and started firing bullets.

As a result of the shocking gunfire, sadly, a teenager died then-and-there while rendering two men injured. After a short while, police officials arrived to find two guns and 46 empty bullet shell casings. Fortunately, no harm was done to the Brooklyn-born celeb, as the reports say that though he was at the party for a time, it is not sure that he was there when the incident took place.

Following the dreadful episode, Jamie released a statement relaying condolences to the victims’ families. Thereafter, he is quoted as saying:

I would like to make it clear that the shooting incident [Sunday] did not take place at my home, nor did it involve me, my wife, nor any of the invited guests.

Well, going by the statement, it seems that the Bosch star was away from the horrible incident and far off from harm's way. 

Hector Is The Founder Of A Non-Profit Youth Organization

Wary of such violence, the Brooklyn-native founded Moving Mountains Inc. to "inspire inner-city kids with the transformational power of hope through the arts," as per the organization's website

While talking to News one after the heart-wrenching crime scene from the baby shower, the African-American artiste cited such brutality as being the reason for coming up with Moving Mountains.

I grew up in Brooklyn and this kind of violence is one of the reasons I founded Moving Mountains, Inc., a non-profit youth organization that redirects talented youth through the arts. I focus their energy on positive alternatives in an effort to deter them from this type of violence, which takes place on the streets every day. 

Through the NGO, the actor aims to provide young vulnerable children the skills allowing them to make good choices for themselves to lead positive, violence-free lives.

Jamie Hector Is A Married Man & A Father Of Two

Hector, who has also starred in TV shows Heroes, Jericho, and The Game is married to long time girlfriend, Jennifer Amelia — a wedding planner/event designer plus the founder & CEO of JenniferAmelia Events.

Though both of them are public figures, none of them have revealed how their relationship was initiated or in which year they got married. Nonetheless, it is known that the duo celebrates their wedding anniversary on August 22 every year. On August 22, 2020, the Heroes actor took to Instagram to wish Jennifer on their marriage anniversary.

Apart from having such a lovely wife, Jamie Hector is also a father of two adorable daughters. The husband-and-wife were blessed with their first daughter in 2009, and, after almost seven years, in 2016, their second daughter was born. As of now, the family of four happily reside in their Brooklyn, New York home.

Hector Has A Scar On His Cheek

Apart from his family and acting career, the good-looking actor has made a leap in his personal and professional life and doesn't really pay much attention to the scar on his cheek. So far, the 45-year-old is yet to reveal the details on how he got the scar.

When asked about it during an interview, the actor did not say anything besides the fact that he takes the help of the face scar to produce emotions for acting roles. Also, he mentioned that he doesn't like to talk much about it.

Hector Started His Acting Career Two Decades Ago

The Brooklyn native got into acting in 1997 through the TV series New York Undercover. Following the tremendous debut, he played in small roles only and didn’t grab enough public attention.

However, all of that changed when the father of two portrayed the bad-ass character of Marlo Stanfield in the hit TV series The Wire (2004-08). His career changed after that, as he started to get amazing roles in some big TV shows and movies.

As of December 24, 2020, Hector has 64 acting credits to his name. Among them, 2006-08’s Heroes (TV Series), 2008’s Max Payne (Movie), 2012’s A Feeling from Within (Movie), 2013’s Blood Ties (Movie), 2014-17’s The Strain (TV Series), 2017’s All Eyez on Me (Movie), and 2014-20’s Bosch (TV Series) are the ones, which has earned the talented actor more limelight.