Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, famous as the host of the television show My Cat from Hell, went a step further to showcase his love for animals when he executed his wedding at a pet sanctuary.

The 54-year-old television show host married his wife Minoo Rahbar at the Best Friends Animal Society’s no-kill pet sanctuary in Utah on June 29, 2014.

Considering how his wife is an animal rescuer as well, Galaxy couldn’t have picked a better place to begin his married life.

“Our dog Mooshka was the ring bearer,” Galaxy told People magazine after the wedding and before leaving on his honeymoon in the South Seas.

The wedding ceremony was an intimate affair, with a handful of family and friends in attendance.

Interestingly enough, Galaxy first met his wife Rahbar while raising funds for a kitten rescue that she had started.

“We met for coffee for 15 minutes. And the rest, as they say, is history,” the cat behaviorist said in the same interview with People.

The power couple celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary in June 2020 — and the television personality took to his Instagram to talk about his wedding and his experiences over the years.

Jackson Galaxy shared a picture with his wife Minoo Rahbar on their 6th wedding anniversary.

Jackson Galaxy shared a picture with his wife Minoo Rahbar on their 6th wedding anniversary. (Photo: Instagram)

He expressed that he could not believe it had been 6 years since he with his wife Rahbar “exchanged vows at the Best Friends Animal Society sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.”

“One of the things that makes that canyon so magical is being able to feel the energy of all the animals who ever called that sanctuary home,” he added in the caption. 

Gallery also wrote, “We felt cradled in, and blessed by their love. And every single day since that day, I wake up feeling loved, blessed...and lucky.”

Presently, the couple lives together in Los Angeles with their dogs and cats.

Galaxy Was Surrounded By Baseless Gay Rumors Once

There’s a stigma attached to men who love cats in that they are assumed to be feminine (read as gay). The New York native has gone beyond and above to decimate the stereotype by marrying Minoo. He’s the living proof that a man can have empathy towards animals and not be gay simultaneously.

His marriage to his wife was a clap back - albeit unintended - aimed at people who had assumed him to be a closeted gay. 

He Holds a Master Degree

Born on April 28, 1966, Galaxy primarily grew up in New York City. His parents had originally named him Richard Kirshner. The My Cat From Hell host, who stands 6 foot and 2 inches (18.7. meters) in height, changed his given name when he crossed his teenage years.

He holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts specializing in Acting.

He began learning cat behavior after working for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Boulder, Colorado.

His Career and Net Worth Details

Galaxy first moved to Colorado with the intent of pursuing a career in music in 1992. However, after learning his trades at the cat rescue center in 2002, he opened up his own cat consultation business called Little Big Cat, Inc.

After moving to LA in the mid-2000s, he starred as a cat behavior expert in shows such as Game Show Network’s Think Like a Cat and Animal Planet’s Cats 101. Animal Planet later handed Galaxy his own show titled My Cat From Hell, which first aired on May of 2011.

Besides making TV appearances, the New York native has also penned several books such as 'Catification,' 'Cat Daddy,' 'Catify to Satisfy,' and 'Total Cat Mojo.'

With his successful cat consultation enterprise and TV gigs, he has made a net worth of $1 million. 

His Struggles With Weight Loss

One thing Galaxy loves more than cats is food. He’s a self-professed food aficionado lover. So naturally, he has had struggles with weight issues. 

Speaking to Parade in 2016, the My Cat From Hell host opened about undergoing gastric bypass surgery so that he could undergo a weight loss, saying: 

I had weight-loss surgery in 2007 when I weighed 400 pounds. I got down to 250, then quit smoking and gained weight back, up to 300 pounds.

At that moment, he weighed around 200 pounds — a feat he was able to achieve with a little help from his wife, who convinced him to become a vegan in 2014.