American Flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves had a struggling life in the beginning as she shared an extramarital affair with her boyfriend with whom she shared two children. However, the children are there to make her very proud.

Seattle native is famously known to be the one-time girlfriend of the veteran actor and director, Clint Eastwood. Her fame got enriched when her children also flourished in the entertainment world as successful actors.

Say Cheese: Jacelyn Reeves and Clint Eastwood poses together back in the olden times (Photo:

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Jacelyn met Clint Eastwood while she was working as a flight attendant in Washington D.C.

Jacelyn Reeves' Bio: Age & Romantic Involvement With Clint Eastwood

As per wiki, 66-year old Jacelyn was born on 21st December 1951 as Jacelyn Ann Reeves. Her hometown is Seattle, Washington, United States.

Jacelyn, who has a height of 5’5” (1.65m), started her professional career as an air hostess. When she was working as the flight attendant in Washington in Mid-80's, she met the famous Unforgiven actor Clint Eastwood in his American restaurant Hog's Breath Inn.

After the first meeting, the couple fell for each other and started dating. However, during the time Clint was still in his marriage with Maggie Johnson, due to which his relation with Jacelyn was titled as an extramarital affair.

On 21 March 1986, Jacelyn through her relationship with Clint gave birth to their first child, a son in Carmel, California and named him Scott Eastwood. After two years on 2 February 1988, she and Clint again welcomed their second child, a daughter that they named Katheryn Ann Eastwood.

However, her relationship with Clint ended in 1990. Jacelyn brought up her children in Hawaii and raised them there as a single mother. Later, it came into the limelight that she wrote "father declined" in both the birth certificate of her children.

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Jacelyn's Effort To Stay Out of Spotlight

As a single mother, Jacelyn faced money issues, and her son Scott started working from a young age as a bartender. To complete his high school, Scott later moved to California and lived with his father.

After ending the relationship with Clint, Jacelyn married a man named Private Bell. However, she kept her marriage entirely low-key and miles away from the limelight. So, information regarding her marriage date and venue remains confined.

Moreover, she also stayed away from the radar of the spotlight. The last time she was seen at the limelight was on Scott's 30th birthday. She celebrated her son's birthday at the San Diego Polo Club on 25 March 2016, in San Diego, California.

Jacelyn & Her Mother's Battles With Alzheimer

In September 2018, Jacelyn's son, Scott Eastwood opened up about Jacelyn's mother's tough battle with Alzheimer to People. He watched Jacelyn attend to his grandmother for seven years of her life before she passed away when Scott was 10.

Scott also explained how the dementia battle had extended throughout the family and how difficult it was to witness Jacelyn return home exhausted and heartbroken every day after caring for her mother who couldn't remember her daughter.

He further added about how he couldn't even imagine having to go through what his mother did as he would be hurt even if his parents forgot that he called the day before.

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Jacelyn has shared her proud moments as a mother while her son, Scott has teamed up with and Allergen for World Alzheimer's Day to promote and spread awareness about the disease.  

Jacelyn Has Her Children Making Her Proud!

Jacelyn's son, Scott debuted in his father's movie Flags of our Fathers back in 2006. Since then he has been active in the entertainment world. He had his first lead role in the adaptation of Nicholas Sparks romance novel, The Longest Ride.

He has featured in the favorite movies such as Fury, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Suicide Squad, The Fate of the Furious, and Pacific Rim: Uprising. He even has his film ready to premiere in 2018.

Along with Scott's success, his sister Katheryn has also been soaring high in fame. The former miss Miss Golden Globe winner had written and even starred in various movies after debuting in Jersey Boys in 2014.

As of now, her movie Banned, Exploited & Blacklisted: The Underground Work of Controversial Filmmaker Shane Ryan is on the schedule to release in December 2018. Moreover, the film that she wrote and starred in, Virus of the Dead is ready to be published in 2019.

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While Jacelyn's both children are leaping on to success today, they have a good relationship with their father and other half-siblings as well. They attended the premiere of their father latest project, The 15:17 To Paris in Los Angeles on 7 February 2018.