Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody's life is never short of controversies. From a domestic violence case to being legally dead for over two minutes, it is fair to say Ivan Moody's had his share of experiences. He engraves these experiences on his body in the form of tattoos to remind him of the life-changing phases that made him the man he is today.

Sentiments Attached With Moody’s Tattoos

In an episode of the Loudwire series Needle and The Damage Done, the singer gave exclusive insights on his tattoos and their significance, right from his first tattoo to the latest one.

Talking about his latest tattoo, he shared that it was a phoenix that covers the left side of his head. He got it done to commemorate his one-year sobriety milestone.

The singer further explained how the music industry could be cruel to people sometimes and that the phoenix tattoo signified he wasn’t going anywhere. 

I wanted to not only wake up everyday and remind myself of how far I’ve come, but how far I have to go. I wanted to make sure that everybody knew that I wasn’t going anywhere. This is not only a symbol of my strength, but also, hopefully, a symbol that other people can look at, and know they’re not alone.

Another meaningful tattoo adorned by the vocalist is a snakeskin mohawk on his head. According to him, this particular ink symbolizes his decision to shed his skin, so to speak. A symbol of change, the snakeskin mohawk is associated with Moody’s near-death experience when he was in a coma for three days and even legally dead for over two minutes.

I looked in the mirror and it was like [Lord of the Rings character] Gollum. I was green and ugly and pale and I was like, ‘What the f**k happened to me?’ And that’s when I decided I was going to shed skin and be the man that I’ve should've always been and I can be.

A Special Bond With His Daughters

In the same Loudwire episode, the vocalist shared that the "Veni, Vedi, Vici" tattoo on his right arm was his daughter’s favorite.

Moody has always been expressive about the relationship he shares with his daughters. He isn’t shy to express his love for his two daughters, Lexus and Nova, both on and off stage. 

The rockstar once brought his eldest daughter, Lexus, on stage during his performance at Denver's Pepsi Center. The sweet moment between the father-daughter duo was captured by a fan and will most definitely melt your heart.

In another concert at the Tuscon Convention center in November 2019, the rockstar father brought his younger daughter Nova on stage for an emotional performance of his song 'Remember Everything.' Before he started singing, he told Nova how much she meant to him and that he'll always love her no matter what.

Recently, Moody became a grandfather after his eldest daughter had a baby. While talking about his experience of being a grandfather at 40 in an interview with 101 WRIF,  the vocalist said that he was thrilled to know that his daughter has come to an age where she is ready to have her kids. He jokingly added that he wasn’t quite ready to accept being called a “grandpa” yet.

A Case of Domestic Violence

In December 2015, the Five Finger Death Punch singer was in the throes of divorce after his wife, Holly Smith, accused him of cheating and physical assault.

According to TMZ, Smith confronted her husband in a hotel room in Vegas and accused him of infidelity after finding texts on his phone from multiple women. The confrontation was followed by a very drunk Moody laying hands on his wife—repeatedly punching her and choking her with a blanket.

The singer was arrested for domestic violence, but the charges were dropped. However, this event led to Smith seeking a divorce from her husband.

The separation made Moody realize that alcohol was taking over his life and ruining it. So, the singer changed his life around and abstained from alcohol.