Gianluca Vacchi is a prominent entrepreneur, social media personality, author, and musician. The Italian celebrity gets public attention because of his massive wealth, dance moves, numerous tattoos, and adventurous lifestyle. 

An Italian Business Titan

The 53-year-old multi-hyphenate hails from a distinguished business family in Italy. He went into the business at 25. Soon enough, he ventured into equity trading. At 46, he had an epiphany and retired from his life as a full-time entrepreneur. 

“I’m not interested in accumulating money at all anymore, I’m only interested in what’s moving my curiosity,” the Bologna native tells Business Insider. However, he still has a stake in his family’s conglomerate IMA Group.

The Coolest Man on Instagram

Since his retirement, Vacchi, owing to his ostentatious lifestyle, has become an Instagram sensation, being hailed the ‘Coolest man on Instagram' by GQ Magazine. It is an altogether appropriate sobriquet, given his propensity to parade his borderline regal way of life on social media. 

His first substantial bout with social media fame came in 2016 when a video of him dancing uninhibitedly to a Ricky Martin track with his then-partner Giorgia Gabriele went viral.

Ever since then, he has utilized Instagram as a platform to provide his keen followers with a glimpse into his extravagant life, one that routinely involves constant yet glamorous vacations, private jets, yachts, and a collection of exotic cars. As of this writing, he has 19.7 million followers on Instagram

An excitable dancer, his dance routines are one of the most popular components of his social media presence. Further, the tattoo-clad Italian is a consummate fitness devotee and makes it a point to train every day, irrespective of which exquisite corner of the globe he finds himself in. 

Not one to be tied down, the millionaire playboy is seemingly always on the move, hopping between gorgeous destinations at will. That being said, he has two resplendent houses in Miami and Italy that serve as his primary touchdown spots when he isn’t gallivanting across the world. 

Further, the celebrity has struck up friendships with Hollywood stars such as Zac Efron and football icon Cristiano Ronaldo. The flamboyant silk pajamas flaunting personality is also an enthusiastic DJ who has performed all over the world and has produced several tracks.  

Gianluca Vacchi’s Net Worth

The social media sensation is an exceptionally wealthy retiree! Sustaining his decadent and nigh hedonistic lifestyle must cost a pretty penny. While he is no longer an active entrepreneur, his ownership stake in IMA Group nets him a considerable yearly income. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he is net worth $200 million.

In the eyes of millions of his followers, he is living the dream – he travels frequently, and in style; has a robust physique, has a taste for the finer things in life, and he appears genuinely happy. 

In essence, Gianluca Vacchi does what he wants. And although the majority of his followers on social media do not have that luxury, he has allowed them the opportunity to live vicariously through him.