Punk rockstar GG Allin's life was nothing less than a rollercoaster ride.

The man was both loved and hated by the people. Right from throwing his poop at the audience to drug consumption, Allin had done it all, that too, while he was on stage.

Even in death, the rockstar managed to have an outlandish — or some may even call it disturbing — open casket funeral with an unwashed body and grand funeral party.

GG Allin's Performance before Death

It has been over 25 years since the punk icon passed away, but no one has forgotten the performance before he died.

Allin had his last show on June 27, 1993, at a small New York club named The Gas Station.

While performing his second song, a power cut led him to take an unusual step. He started to vandalize the club and even encouraged the crowd to do so. 

It didn't end there. After leaving the club, he walked naked across Manhattan Street along with a large group of audience.

Later, the punk artist put on his shorts but was still putting on a street show covered in his blood and poop.

A while later, Allin and his pals made their way to an apartment where they partied and consumed alcohol and drugs.

Unfortunately, the singer overdosed on drugs and was unconscious all night.

He passed away early morning the next day, on June 28, 1993.

His friends were still unaware of the fact that Allin had already died.

Later on, when someone noticed that he was unconscious, they called an ambulance. But unfortunately, it was too late, and he was declared dead on the spot, and the cause of death was a drug dose.

GG Allin's One of a Kind Funeral

The late rockstar's open-casket funeral took place on July 3, 1993, at St. Rose Cemetery, which his friends and acquaintances attended.

Allin's five-day-old corpse was dressed in his trademark black leather jacket and jockstrap.

The 36-year old's brother had clear instructions not to clean his dead body, which was covered with his blood and fecal matters from his last stage show. If you think that's weird, there's more.

During the funeral, Allin's brother put on a pair of headphones linked with a portable cassette player on his ears. The cassette was loaded with his songs from the studio album The Suicide Sessions.

Then his friends buried him with a bottle of Jim Beam.

Despite the smell from the decayed and bloated corpse and service scenario, his friends started an impromptu party.

A fan smoking in front of GG Allin's grave after his funeral.

A fan smoking on GG Allin's grave. (Photo: Twitter)

Moreover, people took pictures of his dead body, placing drugs and whiskey in his mouth.

Rather than being depressed about his death, his friends celebrated the legacy of the hardcore punk singer with a funeral party. 

Fans Continued His Legacy by Debauchery

Allin was one of a kind showman in punk music.

He was a deviating character throughout his life, and some of his acts on stage were just beyond human.

He even promised to commit suicide during one of his live performances as he believed in an afterlife, which was one reason he gathered so many audiences in the first place. 

For years after his death, fans would regularly urinate, defecate and pour drinks all over his grave as an honor to the late rockstar. This was their way of preserving his legacy, or should we say tit-for-tat.

Nevertheless, this inhuman act was too much for his mother to handle, and as a result, his tombstone was taken out with the hopes of discouraging the inhumane treatment of the departed soul.

His wild pursuit of life was featured in a documentary titled GG Allin: All in the Family in 2017.