Fiona Bruce once had to enter BBC in her crotches after an accident, but she later turned out to be fine. She surely had to struggle a lot, but after a difficult time, she enjoys being on the list of the ‘Highest Paid BBC Employees’ and enjoys a hefty salary.

The Scottish-origin is a successful presenter, journalist, television producer, actor and a screenwriter. She is famous for her role as a news reporter and presenter of long-running BBC shows Antiques Roadshow and Crimewatch.

News Time: Fiona reads out at the BBC Ten O'Clock News (Published on 11 August 2018)

Fiona, who has also anchored in the Ten O’Clock News, is the first woman ever to present the bulletin. She is a household name in Britain and enjoys a warm mix of fame and wealth.

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Fiona Bruce Bio: Parents, Education & Brothers   

Fiona Bruce was born to an English mother and a Scottish father in 1964 in Singapore. 

The TV news broadcaster completed her education from UK and Italy. She studied French and Italian in Oxford. During her education years in Oxford, she became a punk for a brief period. 

She has two elder brothers from her parents.

Fiona Bruce Happily Married To Husband Nigel Sharrocks: Children Completes Family

The 54-year-old TV news presenter married Ad-man Nigel Sharrocks in London in 1994. Nigel Sharrocks is the CEO of Aegis Media Limited, an advertising agency.

The couple met at an advertising agency. Fiona and Nigel have two children together: a son Sam,19, and a 15-year-old daughter Mia.

Fiona, 5 feet and 9 inches in height, admitted that she still employs a nanny to look after Mia and Sam. She is busy working and admits that she always has to be at her job.

Fiona Bruce Career: BBC, Ten O’Clock News

Fiona Bruce initially joined BBC as a researcher on the current affairs programme Panorama.

Fiona, after working for some time as a researcher, later got promoted as the assistant producer of Panorama.

She, then, moved to the Breakfast News of BBC in 1992 as a reporter. It was then when she became a household name and enjoyed being famous.

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Her fame only increased when she joined Huw Edwards on the Ten O’Clock News and replaced Nick Ross from Crimewatch.

Fiona Bruce's Appearance: Hairstyle

Fiona, while reporting on BBC, is seen with a sideways swept fringe hairstyle on her round face. She has never been seen with other hairstyles, and her chosen hairstyle particularly suits her. 

Talking to The Independent in 2015, the 54-year-old talked about the problems of aging saying:

Ageing is definitely an issue for women in TV. For instance, I have a few grey hairs. I dye them.

Whatever might be her appearance, her hairstyle is her trademark and viewers are habituated to seeing her like that.

Fiona's Leg Accident: Goes To BBC With Broken Leg

The Antiques Roadshow host met up in an accident in which she broke her foot in 2016. She said to The Daily Mail in 2016 interview:

I was about 10 feet up, then I landed and smashed my heel and dislocated the bone above it. I actually heard it ... It was very painful and it swelled up to the size of my thigh… so I realised I needed help.

After the accident, Fiona ended up in a 'leg casting' for about nine weeks. Furthermore, she also had an air boot and had to keep it up for more than six weeks.

The 'foot trampoline' accident surely hurt her leg for many years yet; she returned to her job generally after about three months.  

Legs and Work: Fiona still going to BBC to read news despite severe leg fracture after dropping from 10 feet height (Photo:

She was seen wearing a pair of white sports shoes to read the news and the act stirred up the news audience community.

Fiona Bruce's Salary & Net Worth Revealed

The host of the show Fame or Fortune? has been working in the BBC for a long time. Her sheer hard work made her one of the most paid female employees on BBC.

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As of 2017, Fiona, through BBC, earns a whopping salary ranging from $350,000 to $399,000, which is only second to news reporter Claudia Winkleman as a female who also works in BBC.

With that, her net worth is about $ 6 million, and we are sure, it is bound only to go up in the future.