American actor Eric Stonestreet played a pretty convincing actor portraying a gay role. Because of that, it was hard to imagine him being married to a girl. But it seems to have changed as he has been flaunting around his new girlfriend!

The Kansas City-native is well-acclaimed for his role as Cameron on ABC’s comedy show, Modern Family. Playing the role of Cameron as the other half of a stereotypical and well-adored gay couple, Cameron & Mitchell, played by gay American actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, their on-screen chemistry is surreal

Modern Family:  Watch final drama of Season 9 of ABC's Modern Family ft, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Ty Burell, and more (Published on 14 May 2018) 

The two actors' characters symbolize a stereotypical gay family on the show and also adopt an adorable but notorious baby girl called Lily, played by the child actor, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who has been coming to age alongside the shows progressions.

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The ABC’s longest-running comedy finished its ninth season on 16 May 2018 and had been renewed for another adventurous run for its tenth season.

Eric Stonestreet's Short Bio(Age): Family, Acting

Born on 9 September 1941, to parents Jamey Anne and Vincent Anthony Stonestreet, Eric, age 46, wanted to be a clown named Fizbo, in his childhood. The numerous award-winning actor got his chance to portray a clown of the same name on Modern Family periodically.

Although Eric has become a great success in the acting business, he never forgets to express his love and affection to his family.

From continually providing his family with first-class tickets while traveling to celebrating his parents’ 50th anniversary by getting the Kansas State University marching band to play for them, it’s imminent how grateful he is of his family.

A graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in sociology in 1996, it was during his time at KSU where his acting career initially took off. Performing several plays, which included Prelude to a Kiss, he also dabbled with small roles on plays; All My Sons, and Twelfth Night.

Later, moving to Chicago, he studied improv at ImprovOlympic and The Second City Training Center. Eventually, he moved to Los Angeles and began his professional acting career.

Gay Co-star Jesse T. Ferguson: Eric Stonestreet is Gay For Pay!

Making a fictional role come alive is the hard life of an actor. However, some might argue that making a gay fictional character come true is a harder challenge.

For Eric, it didn’t seem so hard as he has almost captivated the audience into thinking that he’s gay in real life with his performances as a gay character.

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Despite his most significant role being a gay character, he describes himself as "openly straight" and is heterosexual.

However, he is a supporter of the LGBT community who once declined to be photographed with Rick Santorum, an opponent of same-sex marriage.

Back in 2011, his gay co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Stonestreet's character's husband Mitchell Pritchett, jokingly labeled Eric as "gay-for-pay," which was a compliment in itself because of his outstanding gay performance on-screen!

Is Eric Stonestreet Married To Girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer

Although it might be hard to imagine Eric being married to a wife, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he wouldn’t be a great husband. With that being said, he has been in many relationships including a former girlfriend and Broadway star Katherine Tokarz (2010-2012).

As of 2018, it’s all sunshine and rainbow because it seems like the well-adored actor has been settling down with his latest girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer, who is a pediatric nurse.

The pair has been dating since meeting during the 2017 Big Slick charity weekend in Kansas City.

Will He Or Won't He: Eric Stonestreet flaunts his beautiful girlfriend on 5th July 2018 (Photo: Eric Stonestreet's Instagram)

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Although he isn’t frequently talking about her, he is continually flaunting his girlfriend on his social media accounts. By the look of things, a wedding might not be out of the question for the two lovebirds!