Emily Coates is an aspiring actress who was recently featured in Netflix’s series Cursed. The actress has been receiving praise for her flawless portrayal of the sinister character named Sister Iris in the series. 

In this article, learn everything about the emerging talent, Emily Coates—from her educational qualification to her movies and TV shows career to her personal life details. 

Emily Coates is the United Kingdom Based Actress

Although the Cursed actress Emily Coates isn’t vocal about her personal life and things such as her birth date and birthplace, it is not hidden that she is based in the United Kingdom.

Firstly, the 5 feet 2 inches tall actress pursued theatre/drama education from two reputed acting institutions: the National Youth Theatre and The Actors Class—both of them located in London, UK.

After completing her theatrical education, Coates went on to gather experience as a theatre actress in several prestigious United Kingdom-based productions and theatre houses, including Petersfield Festival Theatre, Chichester Minerva Theatre, Shakespeare Schools Festival, Black Box Theatre, Class Action Theatre, and Latichico Theatre Company amongst many. 

Associating with those productions and theatre houses, she appeared in theatre projects such as They Told Me I’d See Unicons Dancing, Incarnadine, Five Kinds Of Silence, School Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, The Winter’s Tale, and so on. 

‘Cursed’ Was Her Breakthrough Project

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Emily Coates’ role in Netflix series Cursed as Sister Iris was one of her career breakthrough roles.

The actress made her screen debut in the year 2019. Her debut role was in the Anna Paquin, and Lydia Wilson starred comedy-drama TV series Flack (2019).

Since then, Coates has worked in only a handful of TV series, including Warren (2019), Ackley Bridge (2019), Ladhood (2019), and Cursed (2020).

Portrayed of Sister Iris on ‘Cursed’

In the series Cursed, Coates portrayed the sinister character of Sister Iris. Initially, Iris was introduced as a young zealous Catholic girl who believed in the cause of the Red Paladins to slay the magical Fey tribe.

The Paladins believed the tribe to be inhuman and want to slay them to please human God.

As the story unfolded, Iris took a self-assigned mission to kill the wolf-witch or Nimue so that she could become a member of the Red Paladin army.

To complete her mission, she secretly followed Nimue; learned archery in between; and attempted to kill Nimue in secret several times.

At the end of the series’ first season, she finally succeeded in her mission—she fired two arrows into Nimue’s body while Nimue was standing on the edge of a waterfall’s cliff. The attack then led Nimue to fall from the edge to the waters below.

Impressed with her accomplishment, the Pope (chief pastor of the Catholic Church) declared her as a new warrior of God and told her that “they shall accomplish great miracles together.”

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Emily Coates’ Upcoming Movies & TV Shows

According to Emily Coates’ IMDb profile, the actress is working on a couple of projects.

One of those projects is a fantasy drama film titled The Little Mermaid. The movie is a “computer-generated and live-action remake of the 1989 animated Disney movie” of the same name.

Likewise, Coates’ another project is a short-film titled Tiny Dancer. The film’s synopsis reads,

Hope is studying at The Royal Ballet, the most prestigious institution for dance. But as she approaches her final performance, the first time she is to perform since her mother's death, an undiagnosed eating disorder causes her to spiral out of control.

Coates is Close With Her Family

For anyone, their family is one vital part of their lives.

And things aren’t different for actress Emily Coates, too. A glance into her Instagram will give you a hint about her closeness with both of her parents and elder sister Beatrice Coates. Her mother’s name is Eugenie Coates. 

Have a look into some adorable and heartwarming Instagram pictures of actress Coates with her parents and sister below.